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Simulation Games
Collection by: ✪Wice_Darkxtuik✪
It's A Colleciton Of Cool Simulation Games.
Degni di nota
Collection by: hyperionx
Non la rende interessante un cazzo di nulla è solo una stupidissima collezione. I giochi aggiunti stabiliscono se è interessante o meno.
The End Crystals
Collection by: Ramonmasterphillips
Collection by: Bigguns 93
Like This
Collection by: WHY ALWAYS ME?
My carefully hand-picked Greenlight favorites
Collection by: Kamiya
My collection runs the gamut from platformers to rpgs to fps 8 bit games. I especially love games with depth and most of the ones I picked have controller support (I, like you guys, am anticipating a Steam box.) Please send me recommendations if you lik...
The Unimate
Collection by: Marshall Bruce Mathers |||
Beep's collection of cool Greenlight titles that should be in Steam
Collection by: beep
Here's where I will put all the indie Greenlight games that I'd be happy to buy in the future, if they were released in Steam.
GreenLight Collection
Collection by: Kaijin
Collection by: mesyte
just don't do it!!!
Collection by: [AFK]Sixshot[HG]
Promising games...
Collection by: ︻デ═一`҉ pleß
Title implies what this collection is about, retard...
Karate Ni Sente Nashi
Collection by: Fil
Collection by: gogol1er
horror survie
Sobela's stuff
Collection by: [TG] angeleyes202084
This I like.
Collection by: Candemore
Collection by: [dse]Circlestrafe
Any and all horror themed games from Sci-fi, Zombie, name it, that look like they'll actually deliver on scaring the hell out of you!
My list of games to greenlight
Collection by: bondpat
These games deserve that green light!
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