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keep an eye on
Collection by Count_Norrgoth
looking for games that would be fun
Хочу чтобы выпустили I want to SEE IT
Collection by Mr.Rijepticallll
Ну я сам то тут не участвую в разработке, но вот пытаюсь помочь продвижению других игр.
Unique Gaming
Collection by Jess
These games are quite unique and they've caught my eye. Hopefully they'll be released, so we can buy them!
Villain's Favorites
Collection by The Villain™ (GNM)
Just the games that I have seen and think are worthy of being on steam.
Hollows land
Collection by HollowsLand
Amazing Titles That need votes
Collection by Snort Cannon
These games will need votes just because theyre awesome. Many of the games dont get votes even though theyre amazing so click the thumbs up button.
TIbia :D
Collection by B0ruK
tibia foreva
Collection by EnergeticMLGpro
ReRuf 'z
Collection by ReRuf
Under Construction ReRuf 'z Creations
Games i want
Collection by [RAMP] MurdersBane
the games i want.
Major League Indie Gaming
Collection by Cazamech
These indie games have stepped up and taken the test...and some still are....these are the indie games that make the modern gaming 'Renewed'. These indie games are the one's that deserve a greenlight upvote, because they arn't like the garbage that's ...
Mommy's Best
Collection by Mommy's Best Games
Best Sims
Collection by CreativoLife
The Best Sims !
The Deadly Evil
Collection by Fake Archon
Must Play Before You Die
Collection by Ovadiche
Lo mejor te lo digo yo
Colección Megawacky
Collection by Megawacky Max
¡Hola! Soy Megawacky Max: escritor en formación, dibujate de hobby, creativo en general y notero para Loaded, revista de videojuegos de Argentina. Aquí les presento mi colección de juegos recomendados para esto que es Steam Greenlight. ¡Denles una op...
Needs To Be Green Lighted
Collection by DJSniper22
Average gamer's collection
Collection by bvb
Games for average gamers. No simulators. No slendermen. No dungeon RPGs. No alawars. No "MS paint" platformers. No TowerDefenses.
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