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Compelling and Visual
Collection by: 8-lines
Collection of Steam Greenlight games that have wonderful aesthetics and environment, but not at the cost of a compelling story that
Binary Solo Recommends
Collection by: Binary Solo
What do we want to see get through Steam Greenlight? Find out! All of these pics are personally recommended by a member of Binary Solo. Every so often we'll add a few games to the collection and write a quick blog post on explaining why....
Collection by: VINTOREZ
STANAGPOINT Interactive Make This Online Games
Roguelikes and the like!
Collection by: Mitchfynde
cool games
Collection by: Nikfiery
games i would like to try.
Cant wait!
Collection by: Kancer
Stuff I cant wait to play.
Greenlight games
Collection by: ITAsonnolo
Estrategia / Strategy
Collection by: crigueor
Juegos de estrategia / Strategy games...
Gud Gamez
Collection by: Dark Lord von Crayola
gaemz dat look liek they gonna be gud
no perder de vista
Collection by: Kamaleom
proyectos y conceptos a seguir.
Things I like
Collection by: Smissmas Mew
Things I like and that should be on Steam
Collection by: Khayron
Action, turn based, etc, but all RPGs
A List of games you should upvote
Collection by: parodyself
They're games I think they're awesome! It's just my personal opinion though. I accept advices, and thanks for watching ;)
Greenlight Collection
Collection by: {TLM} DojoDog
Greenlight Collection Want List
Games I Have Recorded
Collection by: Xel'crin
This collection contains games I have recorded for my Youtube channel in order to try out and hopefully help support the game in this collection so that they can get Greenlighted on Steam. If any developer wants me to take down a video please contact me r...
В это стоит поиграть.
Collection by: SerjRaise
mods that should be games
Collection by: Santa Brownie
this collection will contain certain things, that I hope to play in the near future
My collection
Collection by: Vailalex
Games that I'll like to play
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