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Kamikatze's Greenlight Picks
Collection by Major_Groove
Some Greenlight Games I find interesting.
Interesting games
Collection by Homestar Runner
A few games that I find interesting, intriguing, or fun.
Collection by babybakchoy
Collection by zzzz
I am not sure what is interesting to others, but it's interesting to me?
Collection by ANappyNerdGirl
Steam Worthy
Collection by Alex
Just a few games I deem worthy of being part of Steam, I'm a picky person to satisfy so the selection should be interesting
Collection by U.N.Owen
Collection by Angela Merkel
YouTube Random Game series
Collection by Spooky Lenny
This is the collection of games I play in my Random Game of the Week series on my YouTube channel.
Collection by P<Ç>r@zy
Greenlight Colection
Collection by Swam-e
Holy Shit! I must have!
Collection by SchlechtWolf
prtcle :: interesting ::
Collection by prtcle
my interests
GreenLight Wishlist
Collection by Blaz3r
A collection of games I've been watching on Green Light, and hope I get to play once they're released.
Sweyn78's Greenlit Games
Collection by Sweyn78
My personal collecionJ.A.Uddo
Collection by Hikari
Interesting Games
Collection by gusgalaxy
I can feel the power of the awesome collection!
GreenLighT games
Collection by Moon1ight
GreenLighT games
Collection by Boerner
old school . . .
Collection by < NKVD >
best game
Collection by snooper
Liked Games and Projects.
Collection by nochnoikoshmar1
Top Games
Collection by Juansang
These are personal chosen games that I think should be greenlit, there are a variety of different genre of games which other players may enjoy based on their style of gaming. Only a few are available, I may add more later on.
Fallen In Love
Collection by 아이유
The games i love the most, not the type you play and get bored of, but those which you can play put away and when you dig them out a month later still be as interested as the first time you took it out of the box. Figuratively speaking of course!
Collection by YOOKY
Metcrow coleccion
Collection by ¿A? L'a Pereza
cuentas y muchas cosas mas
Indie games
Collection by MordereN
Cool indie games!
Collection by Hoobleh
Games so good I can even
Collection by VcBourne
Amazing Game
Collection by reedfossum
it is a perfect zombie survival game at the moment... cant wait to play it my self!!!!!!
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