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Collection by: Gad_Versus
Doomer's greenlight colletion
Collection by: Doomer
Different games from Greenlight, that I find interesting.
Collection by: ♘.59♞
Purity Gaming TTT
Collection by: KaydenWaffles
This is the official steam collection for Purity Gaming AU TTT!
I'm so gonna buy it!
Collection by: lunchweek
I'm so gonna buy it!
nice game
Collection by: grishabogdanov
здесь хранятся красивые игры
Cream of the Green
Collection by: Vincenzo
This is the best of Greenlight according to ME
Petites Choses sympas
Collection by: RNC_Charlie_
Collection by: Pie Ducks Slay Femur
Games that I am interested in playing
Ones I would like
Collection by: CrazyGamer[Moysernary]
Collection by: He@dShOoT
Collection by: Nipple cake
Possible Games from Greenlight
Collection by: osandmano
Games that will possibly be worth playing in my opinion.
Games to watch and Try .
Collection by: RotorFlyer
Keeping groups of fun adventure type game so the family and all can keep an eye on that they will have a great time playing !
Games I love to Play
Collection by: Studog
Games I'd love to Play When they Come Out
Kollektion 1
Collection by: TeebeutelMan
Skin preview
Collection by: 25-ый Бамм
просто колекция
pez77 colections
Collection by: pez77
honyape's Horror Selection
Collection by: honyape
그린 라이트
Collection by: 리버풀극장
honyape's Infected Selection
Collection by: honyape
Steam Greenlight games I want to see on Steam
Collection by: kathyp3
Collection by: 【✪】Ch4osBonni3【✪】
I make clanlogos
Green light
Collection by: DynastyWarrior
Steam Greenlight is a system that enlists the community's help in picking some of the new games to be released on Steam. Developers post information, screenshots, and video for their game and seek a critical mass of community support in order to get selec...
Stuff I want
Collection by: Vyskammer
This is stuff I find on greenlight that I think would be awesome to play.
The Best Game of the World
Collection by: Николай II
Здесь собраны одни из самых интресных, красивых и завораживающих игр, которые мне удалось выловить на бескрайних просторах нашего "Steam". Каж...
My Desura Games I Want On Steam
Collection by: lewellyn
These are my games which I own on Desura and really really want to instead have on Steam. Please vote for them so I can stop using Desura! :)
Good well thought out games that I like
Collection by: Manwithgun
I made a collection! Look at it, bask in it's glory! My favorite game in this collection is Black Mesa. You should add it to a collection like I did. This is the fifth sentance, probably. I learned about these games on the internet, which is a...
Collection by: EL PSY CONGROO
maybe I'll buy
Collection by: Whirdrag
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