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wow shit
Collection by bK.
Collection by Bulba
Things I want on Linux
Collection by johndrinkwater [🐧︀ 🎮]
Stuff… go look.
dude this is awesome
Collection by totashi777
These are games I am impressed with while greenlighting, which I do often. Hope you enjoy.
Lloyd's Collection
Collection by Lloyd13z
Ocean and Underwater action
Collection by Psycho
All games that happen on top of, or more particularly, under the surface of the ocean. /cue Octopus Garden song It it features hand-to-tooth combat with sharks and other denizens of the deep, it belongs here!
Collection by T E S L A
Collection by alma
Bagel's Picks
Collection by Bagel
These are a bunch of games that I thought looked interesting. I plan on making a let's play, or some other kind of video of these games on my channel when they come out. This list is mostly just for me but I thought I'd put it on here just to get these gam
Collection by FuatKamis
Dragon Cave
Collection by DarkDragonDorak
Todos meus Greenlight favoritos e em espera.
Vamu ve
Collection by Homem Bolinho
sera ?
Historic War Games
Collection by NightMorph
This is a collection of Historical wargames, which includes FPS, Strategy, Grand Strategy, and action titles. As new war games appear on Greenlight, they will be added here.
honyape's Adventure Selection
Collection by honyape
Collection by morningstar
Mad Crumb
Collection by Mike ☂
Games made by Mad Crumb
i giochi più belli!!
Collection by ExPyOfficial
i giochi che vorrei avere e che forse avrò!!! D:
Awesome games that i want to be free
This is where my favorite games are and that i wish that they will be free
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