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My Games
Collection by: zacntan
Awaited Games
Collection by: Joshpro Survivalist
Here will be greenlight games that I am so pumped for...
The collection of good games
Collection by: GamerSilver
i find a game i like and i add it!
Linux Green Games
Collection by: Llikym
A ver que jugamos en el futuro...
Collection by: jman1878
This collection is gonna get more games soon i just need money for them so ill try to get money for steam/steam greenlight and ill find games and put them on here
F2P multi/mmos
Collection by: ƛuto **ᴱᴳᴺ**
Its just a bunch of free to play games that i am either enjoying or plan on trying
Collection by: Chell
Greenlight Collections
Collection by: SlyMeerkat
Games i am interested in.
The Yes Section
Collection by: SinfulRapture
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