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Flying Pix Collection
Collection by NemesisZidar
Indie Games you should keep an eye on. If u love the Pixel Oldschool Look with the spirit of actual gameplay technics, like i do, try em out and get them greenlit. Keep it up.
All FNaF Games
Collection by OXxTheKillerxXO
Here you can find all FNaF games published by Scott Cawthon!
Collection by bonus
Space Battle
Collection by ShadowSith
Trying to achieve that ST-BOTF feeling of power .
games i'm waiting for
Collection by Autistic Red Pyro(is anoyed!)
waiting for them
Awesome Frickin' Stuff
Collection by Roxas_
The best frickin games RIGHT HERE! :D
Stuff and Things
Collection by Death_SpecteR
Collection of stuff and things.
Amazing Bits
Collection by Iwo Jima.тят
Collection Of Bits. Just Bits. Nothing More. BITS
Collection by TuoreenaKelmutettuTaikaSipuli
Tämä on Boxi
Collection by CG5T iZiDuR
Jeux Greenlightés préférés
Collection by Kreysios
Une collection qui regroupe les jeux issu du Greenlight que j'ai le plus apprécié, en d'autres termes, mes préférés.
My collection
Collection by GG` Mr.Optic #i7# ॐ
Boas pessoal! A minha coleção de jogos vem de á muito tempo, sou um grande fã e sei que vou continuar a jogar até me fartar( ui ui ). Espero que gostem pessoal, enjoy :). Namasté <3
Collection by ELGReeN
Collection by ZyamusTheCharizard
I want it!
Collection by SVN
Games that I'd like to see in Steam
Games Needed On STEAM
Collection by Bartrick
These are my games for greenlight that i want to be out!
Collection by Omnisom
Lore-related games for those factoid moments.
Collection by Danel_Deves
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