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Code Greenlight
Collection by: Alex
Games that need to be on Steam. Help vote these awesome titles up!
M@Ð$k!llz's picks of Greenlight games.
Collection by: Fappy Fapington
My personal picks from Steam Greenlight.
Promising 'Non JRPG' RPG games
Collection by: Lomi
Eight and a Half Bit Picks
Collection by: Mr Paroxysm
This is a collection of games that have been featured on the Eight and a Half Bit podcast, website or elevator pitch and also just quality selections that those who like us may enjoy.
Personal faves
Collection by: Zeal
Collection by: thanriu
juegos de RPG :3
All My Favorites
Collection by: bvguthrie
I have voted on every game on Greenlight (though a few games I have marked to return to later). This collection contains all my favorites, except those that have already been greenlit. Enjoy!
Collection by: Stepway ♠
Jogos de tiro que eu compraria na Steam.
Stuff I want that will probably never be greenlit
Collection by: Saladofstones
These games are of such high calibur that Gabe Newell's jealousy will never allow them to be greenlit. Enjoy your no games.
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