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Collection by LoaffBread /S/
Collection by Kaypix
Indie friends
Collection by Brimstone Interactive
Our indie developer friends and their projects.
Interesting Greenlight Games
Collection by aegolius
Mostly RPGs, and platformers
Collection by filipeasilva
Coleção com títulos interessantes. Collection with interesting titles.
JBJblaze's Pickz!!!!
Collection by JBJblaze
These are all items on Greenlight that, I, JBJblaze, either like, really like, or am in love with! << Maybe that's why I am still single...
FanSH Greenlight Games
Collection by FanSH
Green Light Lobinholokinho
Collection by Lobinholokinho
NUm sei
Pixel Indies
Collection by xlr8877
Pixelated 8bit indies.
GreenLight Session Collection
Collection by S.T.A.R.S.C.R.E.A.M.
Great Looking Games
Collection by Upfrontwarboyz
This collection is all about taking great, amazing looking games from Steam: Greenlight, and put them in here. That way, people can easily find amazing looking games, quick!
My collection
Collection by chris1771
Green Light
Collection by camautobot
Collection by Archerman1234
all my favorite games and their all free!
Gierki w ALPHA
Collection by ★•٠·˙LIVE IN PASSION ˙·٠•★
Lubie gry o ZOMBIE :)
Guys, I made a Greenlight thing
Collection by The Love Box
I MADE THIS!!!!!!! LOVE MEEEEE!!!!!!!!!
Collection by KaiserCheese
Games from Greenlight
Collection by ScrufftyTheDog
Greenlight Fenrito
Collection by Fenrito
Existence want this games badly.
Greenlight Games
Collection by Enin
Colectia de Jocuri Greenlight
Collection by Phelipz1337
Giochi da Greenlight
Collection by Spirit
Varie a alcune caso, potrebbero sorprendermi, altre da tenere d'occhio o che mi incuriosiscono, seguo e fav
Greenlight Support
Collection by DariusGamer |
Collection by Dai2Haku★
GreenLight Games I might wanna try
Collection by davetiger
Green Light games that might be worth trying
Greenlight Games
Collection by [E|L|T]stalker
Games that i think are worth buying.
Talb's Greenlight
Collection by Talbheim
Jogos que me parecem ser bons e pretendo conferir
Games to Get
Collection by GUΞVARA
Games i want to get!
Light Green
Collection by Camshadow
I will only choose games that apply to my Acceptations
Collection by TINAA
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