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An Interesting Mix
Collection by: wssmith04
This collection is interesting because the games themselves are interesting. Or, at least, I find them interesting and want to see them developed further.
GreenLight Games
Collection by: Hebi
Must Have Games
Collection by: Mevakel
These are the essental games for any computer gamer. From the classic to the newest cutting edge games.
Игры с большой буквы
Collection by: Kwinto
Игры, создатели которых поработали на славу
Good's Greenlight Game
Collection by: Mr. Good™ 54RUS
Проинспектированные мной игры, которым дан зеленый свет на основе исключительно собственного любительского суждения.
Collection by: jhenrique_2001
Surgeon Simulator 2013
Collection by: storman2002
Collection by: Returner
Collection by: samconner880
it is games i will play on a letsplay
Collection by: Li0N
Dead State
Collection by: Elmo
Neat Finds
Collection by: kidwanderer
Items that I find nifty.
Collection by: theolsen
My best games
Collection by: Megaminero
Collection by: binder
Games of note (to me) for whatever reason.
Musthave titles
Collection by: passenger
my top list
Greenlight Games
Collection by: CapnMikeM
Games I'm looking forward to playing.
Collection by: Power monger
Awesome Games
Collection by: Ω|GR|Ω GodLikeReaper
My collections
Collection by: Cold Night.
My genre games which i love to play :))
Collection by: T4nk'
Coolest Greenlights - Please Read em ;)
Collection by: ✪ Jackyyy
This is where my favorite games that I like and have been Green-Lighted. Stay tuned for my favorite games :D <3 (Not like someone is going to stalk this collection.. ) Abom<3 :D :3
Collection by: rockhog
Games to get!
Collection by: Tyy
Cool looking Games!
Interesting Stuff
Collection by: [FYAD] MindlessMe
United Federation Of Awesomeness
Collection by: MortalPanda
These are Awesome, help them get greenlight
Collection by: ✝•Na†aS•✝
Collection 1
Collection by: Bah Humbug
My collection, yeah.
Greenlight Favorites
Collection by: Sun
Games To Watch For
Collection by: evanc1998
These are the games to watch out for.
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