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Collection by lionkinggod9000
I have to do this list :P
Games I Find Interesting
Collection by Kingdookoo921
Just some games that interest me on Greenlight that I want to follow.
Collection by Sarpax
Collection by Andy Retro
Collection by RedMartianGaming
NEEDS to be released
Collection by tart
The games added here are things I personally feel it NEEDS(or I really want it) to be released.
Collection by eicka✌
Z ciekawości
Collection by Kisielekson
Tworzę tak z ciekawości.
greenlight stuff
Collection by nintendosega93
Collection by Mastr0
Dan200's games
Collection by IanTRS
GL Games that actually look good
Collection by LunaticMoth
I hate Steam GL but I realize if you want to get on Steam without having to pay for it, it's pretty much the only way.
Collection by Anetc
Games to Get
Collection by Papa Zenyatta
Games i want to get!
Light Green
Collection by Camshadow
I will only choose games that apply to my Acceptations
Collection by HectorTomLe
Get these greenlit pls
Collection by bad@dota2
green games
Collection by OmegaKira
posibles candidatos a futuras compras
Collection by //[A*G*K]\\ P4M3R ︻芫══--
Games in Greenlight
Greenlight games
Collection by EPO
Jogos favoritados na Greenlight, possíveis compras.
Collection by M I B
stuff i wish was on steam
Collection by Nogitsune no Bei
stuff i wish was on steam
Great Looking Games
Collection by Upfrontwarboyz
This collection is all about taking great, amazing looking games from Steam: Greenlight, and put them in here. That way, people can easily find amazing looking games, quick!
My collection
Collection by chris1771
GreenLight Games I might wanna try
Collection by davetiger
Green Light games that might be worth trying
Greenlight Games
Collection by [E|L|T]stalker
Games that i think are worth buying.
Talb's Greenlight
Collection by Talbheim
Jogos que me parecem ser bons e pretendo conferir
Greenlight Games
Collection by AL the 1pump Weeaboo
Green Collection
Collection by Kingbillyboy
From GreenLight!
Greenlight Gunna Plays
Collection by steelmagnum01
A collection of Greenlight community games I intend to play..
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