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greenlight 01
Collection by holger_rach
k!tty cap'n
Collection by mushi-shi
kawaii cute and whatever pics
Collection by ...BITCH PLEASE...
hahaha wtf ?
Why, Oh Why 2: Why Harder
Collection by Done
Some games have slight flaws in them, but ones which can be overlooked due to the quality of the rest. Some games pioneer new concepts and, successful in their endeavors or not, deserve attention and a degree of respect for the attempt alone. Some games ar
Collection by 9pashaebashu
Collection by gook
Games that give the "Mark of a True Gamer"
Collection by BreakingPhobias
The following games are so stunning, engaging, creative and addictive, they will not only keep you coming back for more but also bestow upon thee the Mark of a True Gamer; wear it with pride~.
Pumpkin's Little Patch of Adventure
Collection by Vivian Ironstar
Here in my patch you'll find the plumpest of pumpkins just ripe for the picking. Only games that that test your grit or have fire and explsions make my list. Of course, a little mental challenge every now and then couldn't hurt, right? I might be wrong o
Interesting Games
Collection by onlyoneguardian
Casual games that can be played with friends. Some games may be played competitively. Others may be solo or novel based games.
Indie Watch Llist
Collection by ♈HGGU♈
List of indie games that are currently in development or completed that I am following and hope to be greenlit on steam.
Adventure 'Point and Click' Games - any genre
Collection by Diana
List of Adventure games to be Greenlit by the Community. Horror, comical/funny, mystery --- any genre, really. Will be adding games that have the 'point and click' adventure element to this list (absolutely NO HOGs), challenging but not over the top, and
Maine Kleine Cooles
Collection by Toxa_34
Просто моя коллекция:)
Collection by Nightmare
Games I hope to be greenlit
Collection by `ƒƒ´ C!ruTron
A collection of games I have from indie bundles that I bought in the past and I wish to be launched in Steam.
Steam games collection powered by Leon Mac OS X
Collection by Kangoroo-La-K1ng
Awesome Games
Collection by TallFox
Good games for good people!!
MLG Games
Collection by Russian Cookie
This is some crazy as mlg games that i luv.
🐾iMake Free CS:GO Movies add me
Collection by Gold
Must GET!!
Collection by Konkeror101
The most anticipated games for me!
Sr. Batata F.
Collection by morken772
Aqui provavelmente só vai ser encontrado ou coisas boas ou merdas.
The games you will be having soon
Collection by Growlin'Grandpas
i created the The games you will be having soon list to showcase only the worthwile games and wait for notch to add minecraft to the concepts page finally. english games only i dont know other countries
First-person turn-based CRPG
Collection by Gallem
Single Player
Collection by VINNNy.y
Collection by KiFi
The Best Kind of Shit.
Collection by TopBadger
A collection of total shit found of the green light.
Indie Game
Collection by ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Игры от независимых разработчиков
Collection by Jessco
Looking For The Ultimate World War 2 Online Game
Real Horror Games & Exelents Shooters
Collection by Sacha418
Horror: En mi Colección, me estoy dedicando a colocar UNICAMENTE juegos que sean de un verdadero sentimiento de horror, juegos que te suban por la piel y te hagan sentir el terror. Verdadero Horror! No juegos de Acción. Juegos Multijugador Masivo y Sh
Nikki Bella <3
Collection by KoNƒLeX
Great Indie Games
Collection by Ghost
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