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<<< Loka´s Best Ever >>>
Collection by loko23
quer durch die bank, mmo, shooter, action, fun and so on...
A Collection
Collection by Stanimus
My first collection.
Collection by ravencroft82
A collection of games that I sincerely hope will be greenlit!
Games I think look awesome!
Collection by Ripcoil
Says it in the title...
Top-Teir Ideas/Games
Collection by ValidGoblin
A collection of what i consider to be top tier/next gen games. As a hardcore gamer and a indie developer, i want to keep a collection of games that. i will not only buy and support, but also games that i feel everyone should look into. All of the games on
Collection by iks
My Game
Collection by † Bogothix †
Collection by Korgeth
Scary games
Collection by Deagletime
Collection by sou1seeker
Collection by jeffmejones
War Thunder
Collection by Sir Sedrickツ
The "I want this fucking game" Collection
Collection by RawkBandMan
I want these fucking games, Goddamn I want these games. Also Snoop Dogg. Yiss.
Romejanic Approved
Collection by Romejanic
This is a collection of Steam Greenlight games that are Romejanic approved!
Bundled Greenlight titles.
Collection by Amuzarto
Just titles in various Greenlight bundles that i've bought and organised in a neat manner for myself to keep an eye on.
Simuladores que merecem esta aki no steam!
Collection by .No_SmOKingg ' [D]anizi[n] ®
Simuladores de onibus e caminhao ae!
An RPG collection bares its list at you! Will you (B)rowse or (S)earch for a demo?
Collection by Dungeonbuster
Shelves filled with boxes both colorful and mundane loom around you like the scattered pieces of a bygone age, wooden arms shouldering trinkets and ideas hearkening back to the 80s and the 90s. Adventures in which the player journeyed alone or with a party
Tire sur mon pouce vert
Collection by Ignatiusdelight
Un pouce éclairé.
Collection by danschram
J'en veux
Collection by Star Lion
Collection by Space Jesus
cool games
Collection by Master Community
i look for cool games.
Pixel Perfect
Collection by rationale
Pixel Perfect is a collection of retro-style games on Steam Greenlight that, hopefully, will all make it through the voting process.
Collection by furie
My favorite games
subslr 5-8-2013
Collection by ronstan3h
Collection by Rogue Roxy
leito's stuff
Collection by FistKing
Greenlight collection
Collection by sluniq
My collection, so it is the best.
Collection by L92 Gaming
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