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Good games that I WANT
Collection by XXXHaretacion
Games I Have Recorded
Collection by Xel'crin
This collection contains games that I have recorded and reviewed on my channel. You can check out a video for each game at the download below! Channel:
Worth Watching
Collection by auriel013
Collection by asked_
Только лучшее!
Greenlight! {^,=.^}
Collection by Wandering Ghostwolf
This is where I shall pop all of the Greenlight games I hope will become available here on Steam one day!
IndieCade Nominees & Official Selections on Greenlight
Collection by IndieCade
Collected here aregames that have been featured at one of IndieCade's events throughout the year; games selected as Award Nominees, Digital Selects, Night Games, eSports Showcase Games and featured in the IndieCade E3 Showcase. It includes both games that
Collection by Lina_Inverse[Nou]
Collection by iamcreasy
My pick within Greenlight
Ok Light
Collection by Don't Shoot Me
Collection by BMW e34 m62 4.4
Collection by fabiancafe
W tej kolekcji znajdziemy produkty, na które czekam, aż zostaną wydane, aby je przetestować :)
a good game
Collection by judeth III
dinosaur battlegrounds is very very good
Interesting stuff ...for me at least.
Collection by DevSpark
Just games I think will be interesting.
Things I like
Collection by Mewman22
Things I like and that should be on Steam
Cant wait!
Collection by Kancer
Stuff I cant wait to play.
Awesome Greenlight Games!
Collection by Rascal Randall
Awesome Greenlight Games
Collection by Mercystaff
A Collection of Amazing Greenlight games that look awesome, and i will most likely Buy.
Groupee Noobee
Collection by Hiræther Harbinger de Behçet
Games put through STEAM Greenlight by Groupees for various charities.
Greenlight games
Collection by Sonnolo
Collection by Artan
juegos de greenlgiht que me gustan . lel.
Code Greenlight
Collection by Alex
Games that need to be on Steam. Help vote these awesome titles up!
My Greenlit Approvals
Collection by lil rosablu
A collection of games I hope make it into the Steam store.
Minimalistic, Abstract, Surreal & Artistic Games
Collection by Mephitio
A collection of games with an minimalistic, abstract, surreal and/or artistic graphic and/or gameworld.
Greenlight Gems
Collection by Kassan6ra
My favorites among the loads of games I have voted on Greenlight. Some are works of art, some plain fun. All of them are my personal choices :)
hzeros greenlight
Collection by Zeros h_z WCG2k11 Korea
Juegos a los que he jugado y recomiendo
Collection by WILSON LEI
Steam Greenlight
Collection by Kir
Greenlight favorites list
Collection by MasterPlum
Collection by Dym[A]stique-
Guaranteed Fun™
Collection by Yuan Works
Promising Greenlight/upcoming games with tight mechanics that look like they're going to be a lot of fun to play! :D
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