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Stuff to Actually Maybe Buy
Collection by LiberaVigilantia
Move Along, Nothing to See here
Collection by ake44444
Flawless, Cleverly Crafted to Perfection Games
Collection by alex1606
This collection, over time, may include games I've found to be flawless, bug-free and cleverly crafted to perfection. There may be some classical games in this collection that you don't want to miss!!!
Mi lista
Collection by [8oD]-Powers
Collection by Zifu
New Games
Collection by Quattro fnatic
Observing Greenlight
Collection by zulvanication
Observing Greenlight Collection
Stuff I want to Play
Collection by rabidchyld
This is thel ist of games that look really awesome and I would like to play them. Hoping the developers get them released.
WWI games
Collection by Sasu
Games in development, themed around the First World War.
Например, коллекция
Collection by sandwitcher
Это коллекция. Её коллекционируют. Еще она была у Ёжика. И делает меня на волосок ближе к непонятной хрени "значочек"
Steam Greenlight
Collection by CMFK
Games I'm interested in seeing how they'll develop, or if they'll be developed.
Games I want to play
Collection by Connor Gandy
Greenlight game that look good!
Shooters - 1st & 3rd Perspm
Collection by Sgt. Rex "Power" Colt
Greenlit & Submitted Games - Shooters (1st & 3rd Person) Nuff Said?
not bad
Collection by Bruce Wayne
awesome stuff
Collection by CounterTac
games i might buy if they get lit
Collection by unscef
games i'm currently interested in
Collection by jotA Birrazz
Listado de posibles juegos.
Good stuff
Collection by thh0mas
Collection by Shukon
I would buy
Collection by ☣-Almoace-☣
Games I would buy :D
Games to watch
Collection by Star
Games waiting for greenlight
Collection by TurDus
Collection by DielPickle
Collection by Kapitao007
The Epic Indies
Collection by Camorune62M
All the good open world/ intresting looking games.
Collection by Heisenberg
Derpy Gamer
Collection by DerpyFanta
A collection of games that are cool and all that stuff. 100% made by Derpy Fanta
Collection by GroovyGI
Collection by Camminoc
Light the Way
Collection by moe.klatte
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