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Collection by: maniveol
things i like
fine games
Collection by: Swagosaurus-Rex
looks like these games are fun
Jogos Legais
Collection by: Apolluz
Collection by: MVP obama goes banana
Games I Own
Collection by: Loren
Greenlight games that I already own. They're all great!
Collection by: NERV
Collection by: K1llm1s7eR
Collection by: luna9000
Collection by: Webber
my collect
Collection by: madsison
I Wants!
Collection by: Ashes__
Games, which I'd suggest to anyone and would love to have! Or games I may have boughten that I love!!
JBJblaze's Pickz!!!!
Collection by: JBJblaze
These are all items on Greenlight that, I, JBJblaze, either like, really like, or am in love with! << Maybe that's why I am still single...
Collection by: Maahes
Collection by: ^8-.fatal^1|^2FoX^1 <3
Collection by: Loire
Greenlight Games
Collection by: PokeMC
in progress
Collection by: Pierre
Collection by: mdimperio07
Things That I CAN'T WAIT FOR!
Collection by: Pink Guy
This is my collection of the games that not only I upvoted, but absolutely CAN'T WAIT FOR to be on Steam!
Known iOS Indies
Collection by: damianvila
Games previously seen on iOS from Indie developers, now on Greenlight.
Collection by: TonyK
The Best Of The Best Of The Best, Sir!
Collection by: Wolven One
The Best of Indie Horror, The Best of Any Horror. A collection of Horror games Indie or otherwise that I deem to be The Best of The Best of The Best, Sir!
Collection by: [TMFT] Abarai Renji
gr8 graphics
Collection by: STARGATER1
B of S
Collection by: Scarathias
Juegos Conceptuales
Collection by: Siriö
Juegos Conceptuales y Experiencias jugables, donde el argumento y la aventura estan remarcadas por encima de la accion.
Collection by: Ikit'ikat
Collection 1
Collection by: Boomy Beatle
The first volume of Steam Greenlight Collections by Boomy Beatle include Papers, Please and Hammerwatch
Collection by: Влажный Пирожок
Ultimate Novelty
Collection by: StarmanUltra
This collection is filled with games that I must have, not just because its fun but rather because its very Iconic, such as showing off a very Iconic company or person. **Please note that i do not own any of these games!
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