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Collection by: Sté'Caché [FR]
All weapons of METEOR COLLECTION here.
Collection by: Banzai Bill
M4A1-S BLU USP-S BLU Make sure you check out my Skull Shatter Collection
Collection by: yezuus
I'm an industrial designer and represent you my new collection, which I named !YZEX". This collection is inspired by the design of my car, which won the European competition. see:
CSGO Mirror Maps
Collection by: Blade x64
Work in progress collection of official CSGO maps unofficially mirrored.
CSGO Skins
Collection by: Kwatts
This collection will host skins that I feel should be added into CSGO as collectable skins.
Collection by: Noelleoeo^^
Hi all ^^ I was exploring some new styles in Adobe Photoshop and made a few pieces of absract art. Thought they would suit weapons design in CS:GO so here they are! hehe^^. Each drop is unique in this collection and hope everybody like this and please sup...
Collection by: c4deszes
Minimalistic, Monochrome, Modern-styled weapons.
AWP Collection
Collection by: ONTARIO FIELDS
Is a collection of styles rifles AWP. Each pattern was drawn specifically for this model weapons. Thanks for watching.
Official NiP Collection
Collection by: SuperPlayer
This collection contains all the Official NiP Collection weapons. The weapons were published by and
Collection by: Shepherd
HeartAttack is a collection of weapons colored in red n' white. IMO these colors are quite bright and soft at the same time. More options will be added soon :)
Odyssy Gun Skin Collection
Collection by: BEN LOREY [613] 325-6736
"An elegant kill should be rewarded only by an elegant weapon". The Odyssy skin collection consists of the AUG, GALIL and SAWED. All hand painted skins for consideration for CS:GO. Created by: PoTaTo!!!
Adaptive Collection
Collection by: Frostbite
Orange and black adaptive skin collection.
All "Rats"-Maps
Collection by: Eggerd
This is a collection of all the rats map I can find in the CS:GO Workshop. If you have found a map that is not in this collection or if you know a server that plays these maps, please leave a comment below! I will add them to the collection as soon as pos...
Pack Aim & Awp Map CSGO
Collection by: CL3AN [ A ] ☠
Maps Servers Aim And Awp AIM MAPS : aim_deagle_sayyiv aim_deagle_ultra_go_b1 aim_deagle7k aim_dust_go aim_fort aim_glockon aim_headshot_t0_beta4 aim_icemap aim_map aim_map_p250 aim_map2_go aim_p250 aim_p250_b1 aim_prac_ak47 aim_redline...
Fire Attack
Collection by: FTEAMW. tolya pulemet
Hello! It is my 2nd collection and i believe u like it. More likes - more collections. Thank you!
Games4u Official Maps
Collection by: System User
This is the official map list from the gaming website Games4u. Website:
Gyrate Collection
Collection by: DarkSilver
Gyrate Series... Inspired by Spinning and Spiral effects. Hope everyone here will like it. LOL. Thanks!
Arabia Collection
Collection by: simon_and_dadfunkel
A collection of custom painted weapons with inscriptions inspired by old Arabic typographic layouts.
Collection by: twitch/SLOUCHYbutton $TRADING$
Digital sand styled weapons for CS:GO. Usefull on Dust and Dust II and other "sand" maps. Other things: Sand DDPAT: High Voltage sticker:
Hex collection
Collection by: SLIMEface
Hex pattern skins.
The =_= Collection
Collection by: face
A collection of all weapon finishes created by =_=
Hexatal Camos
Collection by: ChaosDEATHLORDz
All 7 Hexatal Camos (Custom Paint Job) ◉AUG ◉Glock-18 ◉UMP-45 ◉FAMAS ◉MP7 ◉P250 ◉P90
Collection by: masteRNinja-
The Ultimate Collection™ Aldi2k_go™
Collection by: Wammbo
The Ultimate Collection™ Aldi2k_go™ OUT NOW! Dear Server Owner's, You wanted always one Map for all your Server's with different GameModes like "dust2" ? Maybe it is your favorit Map you like? But your favorit Map have only one GameMode and th...
Salamander Splash
Collection by: ☠ emti ☠
Collection by: Quzga|Adam
A collection of all ivory weapons I have made. If you have any suggestiosn feel free to post them below.
Electronic Sports League - ESL
Collection by: ╱☣ Fr33m4n ☣╲
All important and usual maps for competitive league play will be included here. All competitive "se" maps and more! Dedicated Server Config Guide:
The Cheetah Collection
Collection by: Noisia« |
Yay ! My second colecion, two knives and two pistols, wiith the "Cheetah Fade" if u like it, valorate it ;) Have luck, Noisia
Collection by: Coridium
**** More to be added soon, Please make your suggestions in the comments below!!!**** This series is a more subtle colour palette, it try's to capture the tones of the military without just copying it and try's to use the various insignias to complemen...
Counter Strike: Global Offensive MAP_PACK
Collection by: EFEX92
A Collection of Basic and Regularly played maps for all of you guys looking for a Map-Pack. This Collection contains 409 maps. I Recommend To just Click SUBSCRIBE ALL button to add this collection in your account and Download them to play in your CG:G...
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