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VSTMN's Maps
Collection by: vstmn
Maps made by vstmn.
Halftone Hell
Collection by: DrySocket
A complete series of guns for CS:GO using a halftone theme! Hope you enjoy, don't forget to vote up! If you click on any of them, you can navigate through the collection through links in the descriptions
Blood Vine Collection
Collection by: N0B0DY
This is the Blood Vine Collection with all the Blood Vine Skins I have created so far
Weapon Shop "at Yarik" / Оружейный магазин "у Ярика"
Collection by: YARIK
You went to my gun shop, welcome! Our shop just recently opened so that the choice of weapons is small, but it will soon be replenished. The same will be available soon shooting range where you can experience the purchased weapons. We have 2 suppliers. S...
The Kid Series
Collection by: L0rd GaGa
The Kid Series is a combination of classy and kiddy color style. This collection features the following: - Bangle! [Desert Eagle] - Takata! [AK47] - This Way! [M4A4] - 90 Lives Taker [P90] - Puckerteer [Sawed-Off Shotgun] Competition is not t...
RBW (Red,Black,White) Collection
Collection by: Yuri
Red,Black,White Camouflage. Took me some time to make this happen hope you like it.
Camouflage Weapon Collection
Collection by: HULK
Hello, this its My Camouflage Weapon Collection !! In collection you can found this weapons : AWP, M4A1-S, USP-S, AK-47, Knife and Glock Rate,...
Intoxicated CS:GO Pickups
Collection by: bawNg 30 FPS
Maps played in Intoxicated CS:GO pickups
Collection Hom
Collection by: -=Wild®Wolf=-
**** More to be added soon, Please make your suggestions in the comments below!!!**** This series is a more subtle colour palette, it try's to capture the tones of the military without just copying it and try's to use the various insignias to complemen...
Collection by: yezuus;
I'm an industrial designer and represent you my new collection, which I named !YZEX". This collection is inspired by the design of my car, which won the European competition. see:
Operation's Guide
Collection by:
This is a collection of all CS:GO Operation maps.
Ultimate Achievement Mappack
Collection by: LightninG ♥ Kitteh
Ultimate Achievement Mappack by LightninG > Earn achievements faster than ever before! > Fully automatic! Do not waste your time with writing commands into the console! 1. Kills Version + Unlimited Ammo / No Reload / All weapons + Respawning...
AWP Collection
Collection by: Fregattenkapitan ☠
Is a collection of styles rifles AWP. Each pattern was drawn specifically for this model weapons. Thanks for watching.
Odyssy Gun Skin Collection
Collection by: PoTaTo!!! [Baked]
"An elegant kill should be rewarded only by an elegant weapon". The Odyssy skin collection consists of the AUG, GALIL and SAWED. All hand painted skins for consideration for CS:GO. Created by: PoTaTo!!!
Gyrate Collection
Collection by: DarkSilver
Gyrate Series... Inspired by Spinning and Spiral effects. Hope everyone here will like it. LOL. Thanks!
Collection by: SlouchyButton
Digital sand styled weapons for CS:GO. Usefull on Dust and Dust II and other "sand" maps. Other things: Sand DDPAT: High Voltage sticker:
Interesting Workshop Weapons
Collection by: Klajda
The list of some very interesting and nice community weapons from workshop by klajda!
CSGO Mirror Maps
Collection by: Blade x64
Work in progress collection of official CSGO maps unofficially mirrored.
Fire Attack
Collection by: TolyaPulemet #VP | TOP 1
Hello! It is my 2nd collection and i believe u like it. More likes - more collections. Thank you!
Electronic Sports League - ESL
Collection by: ╱☣ Fr33m4n ☣╲
All important and usual maps for competitive league play will be included here. All competitive "se" maps and more! Dedicated Server Config Guide:
The Ultimate Collection™ Aldi2k_go™
Collection by: [TASK|p] Wammbo
The Ultimate Collection™ Aldi2k_go™ OUT NOW! Dear Server Owner's, You wanted always one Map for all your Server's with different GameModes like "dust2" ? Maybe it is your favorit Map you like? But your favorit Map have only one GameMode and th...
Salamander Splash
Collection by: SUPER MACIEK
War jungle series.
Collection by: THunder
This series is for players who appreciate the beauty and power.Break into the jungle with a gun.You remember this series forever. So, what do you think? LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE ...
The Twist Collection
Collection by: iRage
The Twist Collection
Counter Strike: Global Offensive MAP_PACK
Collection by: EFEX92
A Collection of Basic and Regularly played maps for all of you guys looking for a Map-Pack. This Collection contains 409 maps. I Recommend To just Click SUBSCRIBE ALL button to add this collection in your account and Download them to play in your CG:G...
Digital Camo Pack
Collection by: MEBI
Fresh digital look. This collection is made of 3 parts: AK47 AWP and P250. I'm considering to create more of these if you guys like it. This is my first entry for the shop! Rate it if you like it and tell me if you would like more content for the game ...
Games4u Official Maps
Collection by: System User
This is the official map list from the gaming website Games4u. Website:
Hacker Collection (Watch Dogs) By HEXLESSONE
Collection by: FrostFox
Hacker Collection for CS GO By HexlessOne
M4A1-S skins collection
Collection by: SUPER MACIEK
[Skin] Blue Ocean Collection
Collection by: TT
New Collection! ★Sweet Springtime★ Blue Ocean Skin Collection My first self-made skin collection. All of them painted with 'Custom paint job', inspired from landscape o...
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