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Golden Era
Collection by: Team Fnatic
Golden Era collection includes AK47, AWP and M4A1-S by creator Luke Millanta with feedbck from Fnatic's CS:GO team.
Collection by: #I_t?!
The CIS Rising Weapon project aims to increase the amount of competitive tournaments in CIS. Eighty percent of the potential proceeds from the sales will be used to fund and organize future tournaments, while the remaining 20 percent will go to the artist...
Desert Star
Collection by: Novaa
Zaiste skiny
Collection by: ★Robin★
Najlepsze skiny cs:go
Collection by: Big Monkei
Soon :)
Heart of Ice
Collection by: [►]Midnight Mλn[►]
The snow is beautiful, don't you think? Clean, uncompromising... And cold. Like the swift hand of vengeance.
Missing Texture
Collection by: [GER] todubblen
This is a collection about a failure. Yes, a mistake. Maybe you know it: You downloaded a mod for a game you like to play, and you made a mistake. The texture isn't at the right place and you only get this fancy pink-black rectangle texture about the whol...
Lightning Bolt
Collection by: Karim13
Hope you like it.
Merit Badges
Collection by: Sexy Things
A collection of stickers to show off your CS GO status. The Certified Noob, the Genuine Pro and the Recognized Veteran. I'm actually working on improving them, adding a few tweaks and adjustments. I listen to feedback, so if constructive criticisms are...
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