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Smoke Practice Maps
Collection by crashz
Smoke Practice Maps by crashz $ P1g3oN
EVO 2.0
Collection by PhRAPTOR
New skins coming soon.
Collection by EGO DEATH
A Patina finish with variations for the USP-S
Collection by FindMe
Tangle skin collection
Collection by Algis
New collection of skins. Rather simple, but elegant in my opinion. Without all those drawings and stuff that belongs in dota2, not cs:go.
Gold Dust
Collection by WhatIfHeWasNotKill?
The Gold Dust series. The ultimate skin collection for the rich warlord. Update 22/5-15: The AK47 is turning out really good! I guess that it will be ready during the weekend. If you want a notification when its done then subscribe to my workshop.
Synergy Collection
Collection by iPLEOMAX
Weapons custom painted with sharp futuristic design.
DRIPPER - Anodized Airbrush
Collection by EGO DEATH
A collection of brightly colored anodized airbrush finishes.
P250 Collection
Collection by WhatIfHeWasNotKill?
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