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Collection by Renegade [NERO]
This collection contains some of the Hyper Beast skins (new to come soon). The hyper beasts are big, scary creatures looking for some fresh meat. And CS:GO is the best place where they can find it. All the artworks are made by the artist, Brock Hofer.
[S] Collection SCI-FI
Collection by NextgenZ-
Welcome to my personal collection of my creations. This collection will complement as temp. Special collection of SCI-FI for different tastes. For further information please contact me. Other creations come later. Follow me or subscribe!
[Z] Collection NextgenZ
Collection by NextgenZ-
Welcome to my personal collection of my creations. This collection will complement as temp. All types of creations: Futurist, Fantasy, etc ... for different tastes. Other creations come later. Follow me or subscribe! All creations are finish with Ad...
CEVO Official Map Collection
Collection by Tasky
CEVO Official Map Collection
Collection by Coridium
This collection is a homage to Sci-Fi movies, games, books and more. Hope that you like them! Cheers, Chris
Collection by Coridium
The team at One Game Agency, who are responsible for the very popular Gamersbook community, asked me to design a set of weapons to help promote their upcoming, new and exciting professional tournament, Counter Pit League Season One scheduled to start towa...
Reaper Collection
Collection by skY's #frost
Special design skins for USP-S, P250, M4A4, AWP, Desert Eagle, F7, MP7, AK 47 and M4A1-S !!! Please Vote ------------------------ An experimental model for the skin Karambit. A test version !!!!! ------------------------ If you like my work , you can...
Radar Series from
Collection by
STARLADDER.TV proudly presents collection Radar Series weapon skins for CS:GO. Please, feel free to vote, share and rate! Also we ask you to make some feedback as well! Many thanks to our friends, from Goverment workshop You can visit our website ...
893 Collection
Collection by coyote37
After the mexican "Cartel" weapons, here is our new collection, inspired by some other badass guys you've probably heard of... Please, don't forget to vote, favorite and share if you like it. More items to come. Thanks! Hanzo & coyote
The Molecular Collection
Collection by Delinquent.
The Molecular collection features a select set of skins, fitted with a smooth line-art inspired texture. While keeping the underlying metal dark and slick. Each weapon features a few unique details pertaining to the body. These consist mostly of Hexagon ...
Blueline Collection
Collection by EmKay
Collection by M1nD
Tired of futuristics,cartoonies or flashies weapons? The Mastery line is made for you, the idea is to have badass weapons, classical design but with a detailed finition. hoping you enjoy it ;)
Apollo Collection (* NEW Tec-9, Glock & SG-553 *)
Collection by iNoob
Who have never dreamed about travelling the galaxy .. May the Apollo Collection be the start of the best trip of your life ! If you like it, please help us getting more visibility by adding it to your favorites and tell Gabe that you want it in-game...
Rebellion Collection
Collection by Fandalg
All of my Rebellion skins are "inspired" by Star Wars style guns and lightsabres, and I went for a futuristic look. My P250 and M4A1-S skins have a tiny little easter egg, can you spot them? ----- I have also created a guide for creating your own...
Imperial skins by Algis
Collection by
Imperial skins collection by Algis
Koi Collection
Collection by Salt
The Koi Collection!
Cyrex Collection
Collection by NextgenZ-
Cyrex Collection
Team Roles
Collection by ThePolymath
Team Roles is a collection of 'Badge like Stickers' for different roles which players play in Teams. The only reason this set exists right now is because of the community and the ideas I got from both the Reddit discussions and those which I had on Steam ...
Elemental Skulls
Collection by PoignantEnvy
Collection by BlackLight
It's not necessary to follow the exact or regular direction to victory. I tried to apply this idea with "SCI-FI" style. Hope you all like it. Thanks!
Lionide AK Collection
Collection by Neruval
My very first set!!! I hope you guys like it!
Progressiv Collection
Collection by RaekenTheRock
This is my Progressiv Collection. Tryed to do some "aggressiv" stuff. So what would be better then using white, yellow and a dark grey. Enjoy my collection and leave some thoughts if you want to
Collection by Paz
COLDNIGHT collection, feel the cold.
Collection by Coridium
A New theme that attempts to visually combine the themes of "making the cut", Winning and Precision. Hope you like it. Cheers Chris
Hyper Beast Collection
Collection by super
This collection is kind of obsolete now, since Renegade made his own one, but I'm going to keep updating this regardless. These items were made by: Renegade ( and Baddrock (
Operation: Leviathan
Collection by .red aka paranoid ninja
Thank you for your support! I love you all! <3
The Summons
Collection by PoignantEnvy
Leetway Maps
Collection by dna
These are the competitive maps used on Come play ranked PUG and ladder matches on Leetway! We have servers in seven countries! - Australia - France - Germany - Russia - Sweden - United Kingdom - United States
Augmented collection
Collection by Final
Weapons with the Augmented design, made by FInal.
Collection by Anders
The Cartel collection is the 2nd skins collection released by Room On Fire and designed by Hanzo and Coyote! It offers a unique and exciting design for everyone with an eye for detail and apprecation for the artwork involved!
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