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Halloween Collection
Collection by: NextgenZ-
halloween collection
Blood Foliage
Collection by: Noelleoeo^^
Blood Foliage. Its Leafs in bloody red color flowing through the gun with some fine lines to connect some of them. Please support me ^^ Thanks!
Street Camo
Collection by: Anders
The Street Camo collection is the first of its kind put on the market by Room On Fire, its been designed by Hanzo and Coyote. All Room On Fir...
Antpire Team
Collection by: NextgenZ-
Collection of Antpire. Antpire is a group of hardworking artists with the common goal of creating the most unique weapon finishes in the workshop. Created in part by: sic, Renegade, irecon, Raeken, NextgenZ, Dirp & DarkSilver.
Noble Collection
Collection by: Fabian
A collection of noble and classy weapon finishes!
Collection by: Blairhexor
The Hex-Tek Collection is the result of decadelong research and development. None of those weapons are made for casual warfare. „Summary of page 1, warning notices of the Hex-Tek compendium"
COSMIC Collection
Collection by: Pootoo
This is the COSMIC Collection, a collection centered around interplay between light and darkness, forces of nature, and vivid colors. **New gun: M414 | LABYRINTH** Wow. Thank you so much everybody for all the amazing support! I never thought my firs...
Quantum Collection
Collection by: roZ
Fate skin collection by Algis
Collection by: Algis
New skin collection guys. For color lovers. Fate!
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