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Awesome skins
Collection by: Rivenik
These are all of the awesome skins i found in Workshop. I would like see them in the future game.
Fusion Flare
Collection by: RoyalMisfit [⇄]
When you kill, kill with style. Nothing is more stylish than a fusion of bright colors!
Purple Kaleido (CSGO)
Collection by: The_Aidanator
This collection is all based off of the same VTF file, A Kaleidoscope. And in the editor, I have added the colours red, white, blue and black to give off the blue and purple colour scheme you can see throughout all of my weapons in this set. I will most l...
Collection by: Tom Petty
Prisoners of War
Collection by: buffalosoldier
this collection focuses on weapon mods that are done in the middle of the battlefield
Hero Prototypes - Skins for Counter-Strike Global Offensive
Collection by: Rhodos32
My Self Made Skins!
Angelic Dawn
Collection by: LandWarrior99
A dawn of an angelic presence.
Galaxy Collection
Collection by: TackobudeHD
Galaxy Collection
Plainfield Shotguns
Collection by: @Caps
Plainfield Shotguns are shotguns made for one purposeL spilling blodshed. Leave a rate if you like it, it really helps me, especially that I am new to the csgo workshop :D. Cheers!
Polar Camo
Collection by: [NKD] SyCO PRiNCESS
SyCO PRiNCESS presents the Polar Camo collection which is a must have for anyone who enjoy Polar Camo or playing on maps such as office.
littlebigIsaac GO's global
Collection by: LittleBigIsaac
Ever played counter strike no well if u like FPS's PLAY IT! This is just some steam favourites of mine.
Collection by: Rajtan Titan gör det igen!
The best skins in the workshop. (That doesn't look like anything that's already in the game!)
DoNotCross Skincollection
Collection by: MC Strumpfus
This is my series of skins, which must'nt be crossed! Please support my work with a like and maybe you'll find one of those skins in the game. :) Greetz Strumpfus
Collection by: Zont Adi
CsGo Stuf by Me o.O
Collection by: Frag mal Yoda
CS:GO The Leet series!
Collection by: KongCarsten
Its my first time playing around with the steam workshop, and im a huge fan of a red and black look, thats why ive set my self out on a quest to make a full set of guns with that style, and hopefully one day get one or more of them into the game!
altPUG *Map Pack*
Collection by: zCap
Official altPUG map collection
Maps Zombie Escape CS:GO
Collection by: Romain ☠
All maps from Zombie Escape server Toutes les maps du serveur Zombie Escape
Future Tech Weapons
Collection by: Fuck it, meth
Collection of all my Future Tech weapons.
Old N Rusty
Collection by: [NKD] SyCO PRiNCESS
Limited Edition collection featuring AK-47 & Desert Eagle availible in only Field-Tested & Battle-Scarred. These Old N Rusy weapons have seen their fair share of death and blood shed out on the battlefield, and although given it's condition in appearan...
Swipex Collection
Collection by: SvahenStein - 死神
This Collection has weapons with "Swipex" skin. let me know if you want else weapon in collection with the skin and i can try to make one. sorry for bad quality of pictures. they are .jpg format.
Collection by:
The Aegis Collection
Collection by: KFC Bankrupt
A collection of weapons with a Case Harden look and a crisp diamond styled pattern.
Tactical pistols
Collection by: GogorGagra
Tactical pistols with forest camouflage...
Pixel Collection
Collection by: PL4Y3R
Collection of pixel skins for some weapons.
Amazing skins for CS:GO
Collection by: iapnes-egdum
This is a list of amazing gun skins that you should check out.
Country Flags
Collection by: [srxz]
This is a Collection of Country Flags. Countries: Argentina Brazil Russia United States of America United Kingdom If you want some flag in this collection, please send me a msg or comment below, I'll do it asap. If you wish to add something ...
AWP | Collection
Collection by: ツ K ツ
Everyone likes to fire everyone likes AWP's
Techno Sugar
Collection by: ƒots
My first collection.
Collection by: fiesta
Crystal technology
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