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The Plaid Collection
Collection by Frostbite
A collection of weapons made by myself that all use my personal plaid design of yellow, red and blue.
Water Camo Collection
Collection by wolfskiNNN
M4A1-S | Water Camo Desert Eagle | Water Camo USP-S | Water Camo AWP | Water Camo
Geometric Skins :)
Collection by Blyza
Rate my Geometric Skins :D
The good skins
Collection by Amadeus picker
These skins are made simple and efficient, they stand out yet fit CS GO tone pretty well, they are finished but suggestions are still welcome.
Darkness Collection
Collection by Moonfighter
Darkness collection, hope you enjoy it .
The BarnWar Collection
Collection by HugoKevinsson
Hello everyone, welcome to the BarnWar collection made by HugoKevinsson. I took some nice skins for a case, not made by me but by some good designers ;). I hope you enjoy it. SG553| Eagle Eye M4a1-s| Hyper Beast AWP| Olympic Games Glock-18| BLU ...
Subway Collection
Collection by AntiThesis
The full collection of my Subway skins! All these skins were made on Paint. Net Please leave a reveiw and tell me what you think :) Application & Publishing: Reece "AntiThesis" Fraser Original Image: Heath McDermott
Collection by Andrey
Abstract paint
Octavia Collection
Collection by Machina
Collection inspired by Antique series and CZ Victoria This collection contains old weapons covered in rust, old burned wood, dirty gold and old ornaments. I'll be adding more weapons as the time will pass. But be sure to like, favorite and share. It ...
Call of duty remakes
Collection by TheHighAndMighty
Maps from call of duty games remade for CSGO
Карты NekromanceR'a
Collection by NekromanceR ✈
My maps.
Pyromancer Collection
Collection by Frostbite
Pyromancer collection by Frostbite
Collection by Chris
This is the Style Collection for Counter Strike : Global Offensive. Many Weapons in the same Style for Collectors. On request, other weapons can be produced in this style.
Collection by Shinreo
Come to see the mighty LiquidSun weapons!
Red Aura (Красная аура)
Collection by Level
Red Aura (Красная аура)
Collection by
A veiny patina which starts at a lively youthful red and fades to a dead lifeless purple as the finish tarnishes. Give a new meaning to the word bloodshot! This collection will ultimately have a design for each available gun. (Although it would make a pre...
Pack | Sabertooth
Collection by Alberson Larruaᴴᴰ✪
Fun Out
Collection by Seee
Favourites I Have Created
Collection by KOUZEX
A collection of my favourite skins in Counter-Strike Global Offensive that i have created.
Quarantine Collection
Collection by Dark | Hawkins
Quarantine Collection of 6 guns. Custom Paintjob : Blue and Dark Blue militar Camo whit neon finish, biohazard & blood paint details. based on generic games & movies about zombies or infection apocalipse. more guns soon.
Child friendy weaponary
Collection by 7 in her ear 10 in the rear
A child friendly colour scheme that adds fantastic fun to your adventures! more coming soon!
Hypno collection
Collection by Andrey
This is my first collection of weapons, if you like this design put a thumbs up and subscribe me
]HeLL[ CS:GO Public
Collection by ]HeLL[ Nomy
The Official ]HeLL[ CS:GO Public Map Collection. Server IP:​
Jackal Camouflage
Collection by Bio Rex
The Jackal Camouflage design is based around using dark neutrals with amber highlights, painted onto the weapons via spray paint or hydrographic application. The Jackal Camo skin collection is about creating fun, vibrant pattern skins without going ov...
Alex.garrysman Мap pack #1
Collection by Alex.garrysman
Map pack #1
HexWired Collection
Collection by El Tito Reko
That is the collection what I making out, this contais best skins made by me, reworked or not.
atrox collection
Collection by nmrh
maps for atrox server
Whippy's Skins
Collection by Whippy
These are just a bunch of random skins I make when I'm bored. Thanks for viewing these anyway. Rick.
Collection by Skye.
Collection by FrozenEcho
This is a collection of weapon finishes I am doing for CS:GO that I am calling the Oblivion Collection!
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