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Chakra Collection
Collection by: Xilick
Chakra Collection - Elegant, first color combination of my brand new pattern made in photoshop 2048x2048 after hours of hard work. The weapons are all made in Patina style and are having a nice metallic shine. Show some love by hitting the thumb up but...
How I learned to stop worrying and love de_nuke.
Collection by: ☣⇇☾Đﻪىђ☽⇉☣
Collection of nuke revamps/edits
Collection by: bennY
Map Collection für Knife Server
Map training
Collection by: James Pataggle
Map list pour aim training
Dark Millennium
Collection by: Jack the Ripper
Essential Maps
Collection by: Elikay
-])ark Exiles
Collection by: Mistress
Maps we like to play.
Collection by: imdabes
It's a sticky business.
Line ВlacK WidoW
Collection by: =Poisonous Butterfly=
Перед выполнением узора золотом, на оружие был нанесен слой черного металлопластика. Before performing a pattern of gold , the arms were covered with a layer of black metal and pl...
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