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Captain Dzik collection
Collection by Algis
Well you better hide before this Captain will launch a torpedo into you. He can see everything from barrel with his telescope. Run for your lives. :D Thank you for support! <3
Collection by P1ETJE2
A serie based on snipers.
GRATIS collection
Collection by ASAVonin
Grotesque and elegant
Star Gazer Weapon Collection
Collection by imdabes.LÜT
A collection inspired by the stars and what we can make of them. Each drop is unique and has differing rarities. There are both patinas and custom paint job styles. If you enjoy be sure to rate the collection and follow our workshop for future content...
The Encounter(V2) collection
Collection by SjiZzZLe
I wanted to combine bright colours with a military style finish, i hope you like it! This is one of my first collections i have made and i would appriciate some comments/feedback. The support so far has been great and allot of thumbs up already! Thank...
AK-47 | Carcass ( 2 styles )
Collection by Endrit
Carcass Collection, clean and dirty!
IKARI Collection
Collection by Ben
This is the IKARI Collection inspired by many SF movies and mangas. Only AWP weapon for now.
Baker's Dozen Collection
Collection by imdabes.LÜT
Freshly baked donut inspired skins! Achieve sweet victory :)
Collection by Maxim Astmin
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