The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
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Maeland & Friends
Collection by: Maeland
This collection is a collection of lore-friendly game-changers. You may find stuff from basic script-changers to large packs of weapons and armor. It's just a collection I've put together for me and my friends, that makes Skyrim a better game overall. ...
EletroBull's Collection
Collection by: Eletro Bull
Mods I use.
Pancake Mafia selection
Collection by: Miniexadoor
look a koala
Skyrim Collection - A Better Game
Collection by: Kukrunar
A collection of Mods I can Recommend to others!
Graphics to the max
Collection by: FullMetalAtheist
My Skyrim Mods
Collection by: Lightofzion
A collection of my personally selected mods from Steam's Workshop.
Collection by: The 3rd Type
Thief's run
Collection by: Dumbledora the explorer
some mod I use when I want to play a thief
Collection by: sgt.rosenfield
These are the mods I use, I think these mods really add to the game with out making you have to cheat to enjoy it.
Zaebo´s Mods
Collection by: Zaebos [es]
Los mods que uso para compartir con amigos.
BAD PC GAMING - Recommended mods
Collection by: ☢♘bennysc - appocalypsehorsie
A collection of mods from the site "Bad PC Gaming," recommended for improved gameplay.
Baknik's Wildlife Collection
Collection by: Baknik
My favorite wildlife improvement mods.
My Collection
Collection by: thefatass8
Gameplay Overhaul
Collection by: D ShishaMaster
Pizza Delivery
Collection by: Bull Sugar
Just some pizza
Baknik's User Interface Collection
Collection by: Baknik
My favorite user interface (both menu and world) mods.
Collection by: Splinter
Quests and added areas
Improved Gameplay - My working Skyrim mods.
Collection by: Lob
In my collection, there is much great things that you should have while playing skyrim ! Check it out. Every one hater will be blocked 4 ever. This is my collection, if you dont like just leave it.
Weapon mod collection
Collection by: ElPolloLoco
Collection by: Edward Nigma
Skyrim Mods
Dracorath's Mod Collection
Collection by: Dracorath
Because so many people requested it. If you want to see it in my eye's, join me in my stream @
Light Era
Collection by: Chuck
mods that light era uses
Fawker's Skyrim Collection (Only Graphics and Sound +one UI)
Collection by: fawker
Realistic Colors and Realistic Nights (RCRN) and Sky UI require additional downloads to work properly. All the others are subscribe only and they are all compatible with each other.
Master Smith
Collection by: nicholson_evan
Craft anything you want!
Fweak's Collection
Collection by: Fweek
Backup 1.
Collection by: Sonozaki
Collection by: ^8Ne^1gr|x
Skyrim immersion and needed fixes
Collection by: Enigma
Collection of misc. mods that make the game a more dense and immersive experience. Results may vary.
für odin
Collection by: Fixxxa
ein ausgewogener mix der nicht nur einige grafik verbessereung implementiert sondern auch spiel inhalte wie das neue briesenheim hinzufügt. ACHTUNG für daedric crossbow und dragon crossbow wird DAWNGUARD benötigt !!!!!!!
Taeloth's Graphical Overhaul Collection
Collection by: Taeloth
This collection contains all of the mods from various creators that I use and consider a must-have. They affect ONLY the graphics/textures of the game, no add-ons or anything of that nature.
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