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knight209's mods
Collection by: knight209
these mods are made by my friends and some not but these are awesome mods as more are added to the workshop the more the mods there will be
Rhadjo - Khajiit Hobo Follower
Collection by: Hircus
This is my first follower mod. It's fairly simple, and comes with Rhadjo, a homeless Khajiit who illegally lives in Riften thanks to the Thieves Guild. He can be found under the bridge where Sapphire could be found the first time you entered Riften. T...
Skyrim essentials
Collection by: krollmus
These are just some mods that make the game look amazing, without any noticable performance drop.
Complementary Mods
Collection by: Andropolis
Collection by: unnaturalsavage
Maxx's favorite mods for skyrim
Collection by: maxx130
This is a collection of mods i've gathered together that I think give SkyRim a good sense of realism. of what skyrim should look like, at least to me. I think you'd agree.
Mods I use
Collection by: CaractacusRex
Beschte wo gibt
Collection by: DMK ツ
dies das
My Subscribed Mods
Collection by: Billy Joel
Every mod I am subscribed to to enhance gameplay and graphics.
My Skyrim Favorites
Collection by: mrsbruhaha
The Short one
Collection by: Indigo
well, not much, I just started.....
Just A Little Something
Collection by: ImagineBlaqk
Just something I threw together to remind myself which addons I want to install on my new computer. :)
Matthew`s Mod collection
Collection by: IIIM477H3WIII
Great stuff here, includes graphics, gameplay, and etc. (sorry I was rushing so i didnt say that much about what`s in it)
The true tale of the Dragonborn.
Collection by: Johnny
Mods I found usefull to enforce the immersion of Skyrim, suitable for your first or revisit to skyrim alike. This collection of mods will force you to be more carefull, collective, take stock of food and water whenever you can, and take proper rests. U...
Archer character
Collection by: UncommonWater
collection of mods for someone wanting to make their character an archer
Mopar's Skyrim Experience
Collection by: VaporX
Just my collection of mods so far
My Mods
Collection by: Michael Miller
Just creating a pack for my use to remember what I have installed
CowboyNeal's Favorites
Collection by: cowboyneal
Killtasticly's Fun-o-rama
Collection by: Killtasticly
Collection by:
Collection by: tomstooges
how i like skyrim
Collection by: jwrc12
the credit goes to the mod makers these mods are my favrete and i will add more
sword in the stone mods
Collection by: Otter
heres a list of the mods in this collection * one fate mod * three Zelda mods * and the sword in the stone.
Chase's Big Collection of His Favorite Mods
Collection by: Nondum
This is a collection of my favorite mods from an assortment of wonderous creators.
Mods I Use
Collection by: dabbertorres
Just an easy to keep track of all hte mods that I use in Skyrim (from the Workshop)!
prnZ's Skyrim Ulitmate feeling
Collection by: Castor Troy trägt Nike.AiR
Ultimate Collection for a brand new Game! All these mods brings Skyrim to an higher level of experience. All DLC's required
Most Usable
Collection by: Gizelle
All the mods that work and I like
Khajit Kollection
Collection by: Squllque
A kollection for playing Kat stealthers
Warhammer 40k
Collection by: [Ryan]Prodigy
warhammer 40k playthrough
Pops' Collection
Collection by: Ari
Just the collection of mods I usually play with in Skyrim. Not included is the latest version of Skyrim Script Extender, which you do need for a few of these. You can get that here: All credits to Bethesda and the mods' orig...
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