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Claus _Lore-friendly collection
Collection by claus.hammer
Collection by The Valkyrie's Protector
Graphics and sound mods with game improving aspects
Collection by Warminator
This colllection includes a large amount of mods that all run nicely with each other. This mods will be quite graphicly demanding therefore you will need a enhanced computer if you do not want to suffer FPS problems. In this collections indicated by the ...
Beste Grafik
Collection by SRK|MeeSteR
Grafik so wie sie sein sollte.
Smithing and Enchanting mod comp
Collection by BrettyBuddy
Lots of mods :3
Must have list (for me)
Collection by Calomer
Mythical Horse Collection
Collection by Konungr D'aether
i know the picture is misleading but this is a collection of mythological horses, it contains the Demonic Horse, Shadenfreude, Svaoilfari, Gallfaxi and Arion!
Hoverboy's MOD Subscriptions
Collection by Hoverboy
MODs that I am subscribed to.
Minor Tweaks and Upgrades
Collection by Toggles
Just a smaller collection of mods intended at minor graphical upgrades and minor gameplay tweaks.
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