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some houses a hobbit hole a keep and a castle
Collection by: coolglases
these are some player homes in a collection that i made i hope you enjoy :note : I don't recommend downloading them all
Somm's mods
Collection by: [D²]Sommunist
A collection of mods that I use. They all work together, with some caveats: 1. Skyrim Script Extender is required. 2. Convinient Horses must load after all other mods. 3. Mega Dragons causes problems during the opening scene at helgen, so I reccomme...
Den ultimate list
Collection by: Omnibox
Better Nightingale armor
Collection by: Bambi
A simple armor mod. I just took the Nightingale armor and made it heavy armor, lighter, and with diffrent enchantments.
Collection by: Syyren
Improvements to Skyrim
Collection by: ayy lmao
Aesthetic improvements to all of Skyrim's major cities, towns, dungeons and overall landscape. All credit to Aplestormy for his work on these mods.
Beautiful Safe Almost Vanilla Playing
Collection by: Tul Thunderhead
My personal mods collection, with things that make the game prettier and more interesting.
Some of Omega's Favorite Mods
Collection by: Lord Kamina
Welcome, welcome! This is the collection of some of non-Nexus mods I currently have favorited, as the title clearly states. I am aware that this many mods can crash the game. So be it. These are just a few of the mods I actually use.
Skyrim 2.0 - now with more immersion
Collection by: avendi
Graphical and game mechanics enhancements. Bug fixes. A few item additions. Nothing game breaking. It's all about the immersion.
Kastavin's Collection
Collection by: Kastavin
Richer Skyrim
Collection by: Mr.???
Skyrim has a lot of big open spaces with nothing to do in them. These are a couple of mods which make walking around a little more enjoyable. This collection of mods work well together and shouldn't lower FPS at all.
Non game breaking fun
Collection by: (54)pendrecs
A collection of fair mods
Collection by: mehclalin
Slaking1337's Skyrim Steam Workshop Mod Collection V2
Collection by: DDD >>|
This is a much more tame version of my origional collection for people who only want a visual bump and minor "fixes" for the more laid back player who enjoys the story more than the challenge. Armor- Adds more armor, upgrades and powers along eith new ...
Squidraider's Skyrim Overhaul Collection
Collection by: Squidraider
A collection of mods that add detail and depth to the game. I also highly recommend tracking Sounds of Skyrim down as it adds a lot to the game, however it looks like it was taken offline. I'll be adding content as I find it and if I see it necessary, ...
Collection by: Full-Pint
Quest or Quests chainging mods
Theres a mod for that!
Collection by: Greenatacker
Mods I use in a collection for my friends
Steam-Side Mods
Collection by: Red Hand
All the mods for an improved game that happen to appear on Steam.
dragon armory set
Collection by: pschneider1
dis mod have neu dragon armor dis is great.
World's Beauty
Collection by: Nikki Varagod
Use to make skyrim look better.
Mods I enjoy
Collection by: Xx_Smokehole_Naruto_xX
Skajrimke 2.0
Collection by: átok
Ostateczny zbiór kurpśanskich modów do Skajrimecze, hałda fixów i contentu, wszystko za darmo. Mody TESNexus:
dmotif mod picks
Collection by: d-motif
This mod collection is based on the idea of enhancing the game world without disrupting the core parts of the game. The mods themselves give great depth to the world and carry the core fundementals of the enviromnets very well. The key feature of this ...
Collection by: Inte Hampus
Jag gillar dadlar
make your game better
Collection by: LOVElasov [UA]
Magikz Game Enhancements
Collection by: BlackMagikz
On The Way To Riverwood
Collection by: iKan Konqr
Mods I collected that should be error free if they are installed in the right order and that should also make the trip to Riverwood more enjoyable. All mods were tested by me in-game to make sure they operated correctly. My thanks to the authors for impro...
my clootion
Collection by: shabby_tabby
cool stuff i like:3
The Very Best of Skyrim and the Steam Community
Collection by: Cortez DeMartino
This is a good collection of Mods from around the Steam Community, this is made for Fireprincess Azu. ;) Please enjoy the mods, its all a pleasure to compile and add them to this.
Rubiks60's Collection
Collection by: Gemini
These are just some mods that I have found useful while searching through the Skyrim Workshop. I did not make any of these as you probably know.
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