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A little pack for me and my friend :P
Collection by TheDeadRumor
New Realm in Beta
Collection by Undeer
This collection isforthe new Realmmod in Beta Mode.
Skyrim Atmosphäre+
Collection by [unassigned](69) Han Yolo™ 2k15
Einfach nur dazu um das Gameplay nicht zu zerstören sondern nur um die Atmosphäre zu verbessern
Parks of Skyrim by Bookie-5-The-Seahawk
Collection by WhiteStar [WS]
This is a collection of Parks of Skyrim by Bookie-5-The-Seahawk as it makes it easier to install his awesome Parks mods. All credit to Bookie-5-The-Seahawk who is a great modder for Skyrim
Jolly's Skyrim
Collection by [=T=] Jolly
Half of the stuff Jolly uses. Updated Dec 14, 2013.
Game Change
Collection by ClumsyChicken
Yes Two Fine
Collection by LDBLOOD
dude its boss lol ^_^
Crazy's Quest Collection
Collection by crazybrain_1
Couple of quests I plan on completing if I ever get back into Skyrim.
coool mods bruh
Collection by coolbatman
Collection by Raven_Devereux
job colection
Collection by joe
Graphically Realistic Skyrim
Collection by GamingallGenres
This is a visual and graphics mod collection for Skyrim. The collection will include mods that bring Skyrim up to a visual quality that should challenge life itself. Optionally there will be several other mods included, these include UI/Functionality chan...
skyrim mods
Collection by Nocturnal Creed
skyrim mods
Soul Reaper
Collection by xander401
Things from bleach
I don't know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Collection by monkeybutt5078
this is just some of my favorate mods and thought id share them whith you. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TH...
Collection by Hari-Kari Harry
Teksensei's list
Collection by Teksensei
Just a few mods I use.
Skyrim mods
Collection by ZeroXLegacy
Purple Cow's Immersion Collection
Collection by TheBeardedBourbon
NOTE: This is an Extremist's Collection of immersion. Though the majority of mods in this collection are re-textures and visuals, it will drastically alter the way you play for a more in-depth feel. This is the collection I use to bring more immersion ...
My Skyrim Mods
Collection by neumak83
These are a collection of my favorite mods that i use all the time.Thank you to all creators and publishers for all your hard work!
collection of this
Collection by NO SLACK IN MY MACK
OPS Pack (Over Powered Skyrim)
Collection by SearGoron123
THESE ITEMS ARE NOT MADE BY ME Some mods require SKSE, the site is here: A very overpowered collection for skyrim, some of the addons require DLC most items are found in Whiterun or Riverwood Look at the individual Mods...
The DALI Collection
Collection by dorax1
I play Skyrim with this mods - graphics and gameplay - I think it´s a well-balanced collection.
EVE a better experience in skyrim.
Collection by Mischievous Bot
Enhance Visual and Experience of skyrim- Not much to say, this is the compilation of mods I use to play this game for enhanced visual and experience with some addons that wont make your journey easier. Look for yourself and enjoy.
Skyrim Mods 2
Collection by arado3
Skyrim Mods
Collection by Biscuits
A Collection of the Best Mods that I have found, tried and tested, removed if not satisfied with.
Artadius' preferred Skyrim Mods
Collection by Artadius
All the essentials (IMHO). Nothing in here that I would consider cheating though there are some which admittedly make the game more friendly (i.e. lower weights on some items and merchants having more gold).
Mods I use.
Collection by UnknownSpartan
Pic is unrelated. I do not take credit for any of the mods included in this collection. Bascially, if you want to uphold the lore of the Elder Scrolls, this collection is NOT for you. This collection will take the lore, throw it out a window, piss ...
Scaramouche's Mega Immersion Modpack
Collection by Scara
These are all of the mods I use. Most of them are meant to increase immersion, however, some are to increase performance, do to the fact that, well... there are a lot of them. Most of them (I'd say about 90%) only add things to the game, and there are ...
Karel's favorite Inventory mods
Collection by Karel & Raphou
Modifications of the inventory: item sorting, item weight, item prices, need to carry axe/pickaxe, auto-unequipping
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