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La collection Skyrim des "Workshopers"!
Collection by: opino72
FR : Cette collection regroupe tous les objets et les collections que les membres du groupe Les Workshopers ont puliés sur le Steam Workshop de Skyrim! Le groupe :
90some mods of glory
Collection by: Chillermaschine
-NO-DAWNGUARD-COMPATIBILITY-VERSION- For some mods from this collection, you are going to NEED the Skyrim script extender SKSE, located here: For a visual experience I myself enjoyed very much, I advise you to install t...
Creating the Hobbit
Collection by: Lotads United
All of the mods required to create a hobbit.
Tom's collection
Collection by: MASSIVE PRAWNS
Just mods I use mainly made this so if things mess up and I have to uninstall them all I can find them easier
MeioJo's Skyrim Wounderland
Collection by: 神仙 MeioJo
The most immersive and compatible graphic enhancments I can find along with the biggest Quest Mods that are either morally ambiguous or offer a real morality choice (The quest does not piegon hole you moraly.)
MMCK's Top 100
Collection by: MadManCK
Collection of some of the best Mods for Skyrim IMO If you do not want to spend hours browsing through all mods and want some Mods that greatly enhance the game in every aspect, check these out. Use BOSS to keep them in order. These Mods work with Hear...
Gilly's Stuffs
Collection by: Gilly
Enjoyable mod submissions
Collection by: Sartorius
Chaz's Mod Selection for the beautifying and not crashing
Collection by: Chaz
A collection of mods that make the game more enjoyable without breaking the balance.
To Be Or Not To Be
Collection by: XPlazm3
A collection that will boost your erge to play skyrim again and again until you cant stop playing it, which is understanderble I guess!
For Pandamanda
Collection by: Dorakins
Just a collection in the works for my bffl Pandamandabear Here are the Nexus mods I use...I do not own any of them, blah blah blah: 1. 2. 3. http://skyrim.nexusmods.c...
Personal Skyrim Compilation
Collection by: Slippery Wet Noodle
This collection includes my favorite mods. Mods include houses, weapons, armor, companions, graphics, bug fixes, etc. Feel free to add to this collection to personalize it to your hearts desire. I'm not saying that this is the "best" collection of mods bu...
Matt's Skyrim Mod Collection
Collection by: Ridjeck
Best mods in mod world. For Senor Grabs-a-lot.
Lore-Friendly Realism Compilation/glitch fix
Collection by: Breadsnöre
This compilation is a mix with: * Darker realistic nights, realistic days * High resolution mesh replacer * Shadow striping glitches fixed * HD Blood textures * More objects and details in cities * Ability to carry a bedroll and set up basic craftin...
Mash's current selection
Collection by: Mashakosha
All the mods I'm using at any time
Stud Paddock Collection
Collection by: Interrobang
Mods to simply make skyrim look feel and act the way you always thought it should. (you MUST have both Hearthfire and Dawnguard DLC's for some of these mods to work properly) I also highly recommend jumping on over to the skyrim nexus
Améliorations de l'expérience Bordeciel
Collection by: advestain
Une variété de mods pour améliorer visuellement l'environnement de Bordeciel. Cela peut être lourd pour certaines cartes graphiques. Cela comprend aussi quelques maisons pour le Dovahkin Il y a aussi de légers ajouts en termes démographiques p...
Sweet Collection
Collection by: Solomon Kane
These are not Lore friendly mods some are they will improve graphics and the look of the game, plus add content but dont ruin the base of the game.. They all work good together.. Please rate and give props to the people that created these works of Art and...
le mythe des epee
Collection by: letueurdead
il y a 4 epee cachees dans la map.Mais ne vous fiez pas au apparences,il y aura pour plein de daugr a tue. ces epee peuvent ce trouver sous terre(donjon) ou sur terre(un lieux de sacrifice) mais ca vaut le coup.
Snakebitten's Skyrim Mod Collection
Collection by: Snakebitten
These are the mods I currently use to make Skyrim look and feel even better. Mod Collection Requirements: 1. Has mods that require Dawnguard and Hearthfire DLC's to be installed. 2. The installation of Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE) which can be fo...
First Attept
Collection by: maherevan
Streamlining Skyrim
Collection by: Attack!PUMA!Attack
A collection of graphics improvements for lighting, forests, water, terrain, etc. Adds quest markers for tedious fetch quests. Reduces weight for ingredients & increases vendors money. Makes dual casting more viable & allows for perks to be taken by going...
Polraudio's Favorite List
Collection by: Polraudio™⚔
This is a list of all my favorite mods i love to play with. Might add/remove from this list as i mod/play the game more. I suggest using the skyrim script extender since its required for SkyUI
Wish This Would Work
Collection by: Zain890
Enhanced TES-Experience
Collection by: PressluftAma + Affe
A collection of mod I use to slightly enhance the RPG-experience in Skyrim and change it to be more like Morrowind which I adored. If u want to suggest any other mods, feel free to comment! This collection only implys some gameplay-changes
The Fish Wizard's Essentials
Collection by: Magikarp
A few spells, tools and abilities that every self respecting mystical aquatic life-form wizards should have.
My Skyrim Mods
Collection by: RectangularBagel
Northspire Studios: Lighting
Collection by: Nate Keen
A collection of mods by Northspire Studio. Enjoy!
Best evers
Collection by: Suleiman
Bettar than ur life. YOLO
Skyrim Enhanced (for modest cheaters)
Collection by: LeadStarDude
This collection offers a wide variety of mods that make the game more enjoyable. Armors, weapons, player homes, spells, forge enhancements, unlimited shouts, Maluka's songs for bards, and many cheats. All of these mods are compatible with each other, and ...
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