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Sweet mods yo
Collection by: Mr. Popo
Ezki check this out
Immersion Essentials
Collection by:
My curated list of mods that everyone should use for a more complete Skyrim. -- Graphical improvements -- Added lore-friendly content -- Minor tweaks that add up to a better experience
Collection by: rjgroh
Azrael's Base Collection
Collection by: Azrael808
A collection of mods I would install before beginning to play Skyrim. Nothing too game changing, just a few tweaks that fix a few things I thought could be improved.
Collection by: Xiphos the Great
armor, MISC, weapons
Better graphics mods..
Collection by: Jake
A collection to improve all skyrims graphics and lighting
Collection by: Rago
My mods
Martial arts
Collection by: Xiphos the Great
Martial arts mod
Skyrim Mods
Collection by: frisbeeassault
Collection by: death242941
skyrim mods
My Immersive Hobbit Idea
Collection by: Justinian the Great
The collection of mods I chose are for my playthrough as a hobbit. I chose some creature mods and some other random mods so that skyrim would feel much more alive, and dangerous. I want this to be prety immersive so I recromend playing on expert dificulty...
Beautiful Skyrim
Collection by: tiffanysamsss
Make Skyrim an even more delicious feast for the senses with these mods.
Collection by: Let's break a little bad
Skyrim things
Collection by: Kurt VonVeinershtuopen
Its fun
Collection by: AHBrent
Collection by: Cigarettes
Welcome to the good mod, home of the good mod, can I take your order?
Collection by: jsbull23
Collection by: AHBrent
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