The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
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Skrim dude
Collection by: Cygnus
stuff and shit. that does stuff... and shit.
dt personalized collection
Collection by: BAB DOLE
Just a collection for my own purposes.
some of the best mods
Collection by: HaZeriZcool
just my persnal mod pack
Zethn's Gameplay Enhanced
Collection by: Damardan
Ma collection permettant d'ajouter des nouvelles fonctions aux jeux?
Skyrim collection
Collection by: PauleKillz
Currently Using
Collection by: starlightnv
These are the mods that I use on every character that I create and play through. From Armor Sets to a UI change, everything on Steam that I use is here.
Sort de foudre Darui
Collection by: firetims1
le meilleur sort de foudre de foudre de Darui (naruto) VIVE LE PUMA DE FOUDRE !!!!!!
Crafting collection for Crow
Collection by: Sc4r3cr0w79
My current weapon and armor mod selection. I have this grouping for the purposes of organization on my part.
Apoc's Skyrim Extended Pack
Collection by: TRD_xApoc1994x
This is a combination of all of the mods that I use. All should be compatable. Please tell me if there are any issues. This "pack" extends Skyrim and make it more enjoyable. The mods vairy from different armor and weapons to new playable species and envir...
Collection by: 23Kyles
Skyrim Mods
Skyrim Mods
Collection by: smit8420
Collection by: Bhorn Lighthands
Taloric's Stuff
Collection by: FirstImpulse
My Stuff.
LucasAvis' Magic & Combat Collection
Collection by: Ser Lucas Avis ☭ (DA Gen)
My collection of Magic and Combat mods. Should be self-explanatory, the mods improve combat and magic including when stealthed.
LucasAvis' Misc Collection
Collection by: Ser Lucas Avis ☭ (DA Gen)
Adds random or fun mods. Not Lore-Friendly.
LucasAvis' Crafting and Items Collection
Collection by: Ser Lucas Avis ☭ (DA Gen)
This is a collection of Crafting mods and mods that affect item's. It is not completely Lore-Friendly. Some of the changes to items make it so that you can carry more, or you smelt things that you should not be able to or other. Hence I advise you re...
LucasAvis' Base Mods Collection
Collection by: Ser Lucas Avis ☭ (DA Gen)
A collection of mods that I think enhances the immersion and quality of Skyrim and the World. All Lore-Friendly and able to use together. Includes, Towns, Graphical Mods, Sounds of Skyrim and other miscellaneous mods.
LucasAvis' Questing Collection
Collection by: Ser Lucas Avis ☭ (DA Gen)
So this collection is about Lore-Friendly Quest mods, Fixes for Quests for when the dialogue and story do not match the actual actions, and some better rewards for radient quests where I think they should be.
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