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Better and Fixed Skyrim + Extras (Alchemist House, Etc)
Collection by: brifiction
A personal collection. Just to make sure the mods I like and subscribed to are all there.
Collection by: josephsanchez725
pheonix is used for flying
optional mods
Collection by: josephsanchez725
flying pheonix mount used to travel
stuff 01
Collection by: targaryen26
various stuff
Followers and NPC Tweeks
Collection by: Restless Dead
This adds a bit more customization to the meat shields....errr - faithful followers - yeah that's what I meant.
Cadfan's mod collection
Collection by: Cadfan
My collection of the mods i usually use.
* Simplicity Personified *
Collection by: Haya-jii-san
Some simple mods for the average RP-er Enjoy ...
Collection by: alexcordts
Collection by: Puuroaristokraatti
Simple rpg mod collection.
Dippin' Dahtz Stuff
Collection by: Dippin' Dahtz
my favorites
Silver weapons extended
Collection by: [TN]silvermodder
This mod intends to extend the silver weapons packs and for now I only added the silver warhammer I have made the silver weapons craftable and here are the recipes: -Sword- 1 leather strip / 1 common soulgem filled / 2 silver ingonts -Greatsword- ...
Collection by: CZPolska
Hier werden alle Sachen für das Game "Skyrim" hinzugefügt
Skyrim Survival Package - Base Package
Collection by: Moiky
This is the base part of the Skyrim Survival Package. This one adds in some basic survival. Some better audio, hunger, thirst, sleep, etc. As well as some general bonuses for the environment
Awux's Collection
Collection by: Bojack Horseman
Some of the best mods (I think) that immerse you into the game even more.
Kyuubi's collection
Collection by: The Cursed Kyuubi
Collection by: _Lucifer_
Misc Mods
Collection by: mehclalin
da mods
Collection by: Naut
Kick-ass mods
Collection by: TILEV
Kamakozei's Favorite mods
Collection by: The Lizard Wiazard
Mods I like
Collection by: Juicysensations
CaptNink's Skyrim Mods
Collection by: CaptNink
Mods I'm using in Skyrim.
My favorite mods
Collection by: Infidel72
Nature is more nice after this mods
The Improved Skyrim Redux PT 1 (Scenic)
Collection by: hennesy130
Just a collection of graphical improvements I want in my Ultimate Skyrim!!!! I want to thank everyone who made these amazing mods and improving my experience!!!!
Collection by: LoneProvo
Made for me :D
Collection by: Crimson Angel
This is all the mods that I enjoy using the most. :) Thanks go to the original makers of the mods held within. Don't modify anything held within without first speaking to the original author. Thank you and enjoy!
Better skyrim part 2
Collection by: kariu17
a set of funny and important mods for the game, not all is lore friendly, intended for friends and family of mine.
For you ollie
Collection by: YZ117
JtPv's Realism Collection
Collection by: MrJtPv
This is a collection of mods that try to improve your skyrim experience by adding realism to the game. Hope you enjoy! :D P.S. It may just destroy your game if you don'thave the best computer. Don't blame me for CTDs and Corruption of saved games. And wo...
für nico (texture fix)
Collection by: Dave Stratocaster
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