The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
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Collection by: Kito
great mods
Collection by: (NG) HorrendumSusurri
Skyrim :)
Collection by: Alex
Collection by: themagp1e
For LuLu
Collection by: Chaplike
For lick lulu who needs my amazing mod selection
thePrussia collection
Collection by: ThePrussia
Just a bunch of mods I have found useful since starting to play Skyrim. I'll be updating it as I remove or add mods.
all mods
Collection by: dubstep protoman
all my mods
My Mods... ;)
Collection by: RomiraBlaze
Just the mods i use. its nothing special but i thought it would be nice to do it. ;)
Deafoice's Skyrim II
Collection by: Deafoice
Pendiente de actualización.
Collection by: GandalfVonSwugg
Fight against the Thalmor
Collection by: Reollim
Just putting together the Fight against the Thalmor mods made by MadFrenchie.
Collection by: edumisilva
Game of Thrones mods!
Collection by: galensoth
all mods
Important Mods
Collection by: 919BigT
my stuff
Collection by: goldenjinouga
As a back up because my skyrim keeps crashing after Dragonborn installation :(
Some basic Skyrim Mods
Collection by: d3north_4K
Extra quest markers, some graphics mods, a few for keks
Salxin mody
Collection by: Salxin
Collection by: kingofall
skyrim easy starter kit
Collection by: legend of zelda masta
just a bunch of cheats tied together to make skyrim to easy so newgamers can learn a easy way and not have to delve into the hardmode
Collection by: MisfitDozer
mods for skyrim
Mods that I can't install
Collection by: Sir Doooom
Mods that look interesting but are either buggy or incompatible with some of my mods - I'll give them a try when I'm bored of my current mods.
The Dockworkers' Mods
Collection by: Iriath Zhul
A list of the best mods that I've used in producing The Dockworker. Some of these came later, and others were left behind. But these are pretty much what I think are the best mods for people who like the normal Skyrim experience, but BETTER--no game-break...
Dave's Skyrim Mod List
Collection by:
This is simply a collection of mods that creates a Skyrim world made for replayability. It is mainly graphics updates/swaps, with a few bug fixes and mild gameplay enhances to remove some of the tedium from the game. NOT RECOMMEND FOR FIRST PLAYTHROUGH!
Dave's Skyrim Modlist
Collection by:
Simply of collection of mods that give me the Skyrim playthrough experience that I enjoy most. It is mainly graphical enhancements with some minor gameplay tweaks & bug fixes to remove the tedium from multiple playthroughs. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR FIRST PLAYT...
Skyrim Improvements
Collection by: majora
mods lol made for friends hi
Skyrim mods
Collection by: bubblegamer.xd
Zatch's Immersive Skyrim Collection
Collection by: Zatch
Just a few of my favorites that add a bit of detail and immersion to Skyrim.
Collection by: _krmit_
My standard mods
Collection by: Hexion
Collection by: shoobox
the sinners that cause crahseses
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