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Collection by ShadowAngel2583
Here's my favorite collection of Rings
Summer Fashion
Collection by MPAK [RUS]
In Skyrim, not too cold to wear a much clothing. This mod is partly bares feminine dresses, removing excess clothing from the legs, arms and abdomen. The mod is in development and will be updated occasionally.
Immersive skyrim
Collection by Rad Wagon
This collection aims at improving skyrims enviroment with items like forests, villages, npc, lighting, textures and other smaller generics for improved gameplay.
Jelloshot Female Followers
Collection by matthew.smith94
a compilation of authors followers
The Archer's Sidearm
Collection by Skellington
Just a simple mod. As an archer, I was sick of enemies getting close and stomping me, so I made this melee weapon that scales with Archery levels and perks. It has 10 base damage and I improved some of the dagger's other stats like speed to stick it t...
Collection by ^8Ne^1gr|x
Steelblade's Skyrim Collection
Collection by Steelblade
Mods that I used in my game.
Silver's Skyrim Basics
Collection by Silvershadowfire
Just a few basic things I think that should have been included in the vanilla game. Or things that just make life a little easier, without being gamebreaking. I dislike gamebreaking mods.
Collection by mafiacarstarter
Personal collection for syncing between accounts.
Professor's Preferances
Collection by Professor Redwood
This is how I run the game. It has increased visuals as well as follower and marriage options. the core gameplay remains unchanged.
Collection by Togepi>All
Useful Skyrim Addons [Hearthfire Edition]
Collection by Refactor
A Hearthfire compatible version of my previous collection. This contains all the same mods, but with the appropriate Hearthfire versions, where necessary. Please note that if switching any mod to the Hearthfire version, you have need to follow certain ...
Uricons' collection
Collection by Uricon
Collection by Bonerfarts
races, items, npcs
Beautiful Skyrim
Collection by Mister Masterplan
A collection of mods that are essential to making your Skyrim look beautiful & amazing. Includes all sorts of amazing cosmetic enhancements to Skyrim that will give a new meaning to the word 'Beautiful', if your system can handle it.
Town Enhancment Mods
Collection by The Ebb
A collection of all the best town enhanment mods.
UIV- Ultimate Immortal Vampires
Collection by ddd
!!!!!!!!IMPORTANT!!!!!!! YOU MUST DOWNLOAD SOME MODS FROM THE NEXUS! THIS PACK ISNT EVEN HALF AS GOOD WITHOUT THEM! MAKE THE LOAD ORDER AS FOLLOWS 1- When Vampires Attack 2- Vampire Crafting 3- Better Vampires by Brehanin 5.65 4/5/6- Vampi...
immersion soubi
Collection by tartemole
voici de quoi améliorer ton skyrim
Collection by Shikyo13
My shit
Mahou UI
Collection by Mahou
UI mods, From SkyrimNexus: Better Sorting - Categorized Favorites Menu - A Quality World Map (HiRes all roads) -
My Ultimate skyrim experiance. No cheats.
Collection by Zooby
My main collection of Skyrim Items. Some armor pices but mainly fun and fixes.
Legendary Creatures
Collection by SgtPudding
This is a collection based on enhancing the gameplay for more hardcore players and to also add harder and more legendary monsters.
All The Graphics
Collection by Reginald Fairfax
Collection by Peso
naguls on horses and fellbeast
Collection by deadknight4516
i made this becacuse i want to fight nazguls
Collection by raiko4
DISCOVER THE MYSTERIES OF NIRN, LAND OF MANY RACES. high elf, nord, imperial, even the unliked by the aldmeri dominion race, sload. discover what you have never seen before . explore the other countries and regions of Tamriel, including: valenwood else...
Toms Reboot Collection
Collection by TAGamingMaxed
For when i need to reboot my game freshly
Achtzigman's Conjuration Spells
Collection by Achtzigman
This is a collection of all my own conjuration spells that I have created, it will start small and will grow as I add more spells when I create them. If you want me to try to create a conjuration spell for you then leave it in the comments section and I ...
Collection by Temujin
Ma collection de mods pour améliorer le jeu !
Better Skyrim
Collection by SCElite
Just a collection of mods by ramdom users. I have included lots of graphics mods that cause little to no frame rate drop (at least for me). Personally, I prefer mods that only enhance gameplay/graphics, not ones that completely change or add dynamics...
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