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Skyrim Collection - A Better Game
Collection by: Kukrunar
A collection of Mods I can Recommend to others!
Graphics to the max
Collection by: CanadianBacon
My Skyrim Mods
Collection by: Lightofzion
A collection of my personally selected mods from Steam's Workshop.
Collection by: The 3rd Type
Thief's run
Collection by: Behaarter_bock
some mod I use when I want to play a thief
Collection by: sgt.rosenfield
These are the mods I use, I think these mods really add to the game with out making you have to cheat to enjoy it.
Skyrim Mods
Collection by: First Captain Space Bear
Skyrim Mods!
mah mods
Collection by: Chris_Lomeli
some mods for a friend
Goblin's Skyrim 2.0
Collection by: GoblinClock
A bunch of mods that I feel Improves the game greatly. THe collection keeps the game mostly intact but adds things like better quality visuals, sounds and the like as well as a few new armor and weapons a few folowers and craftable arrows. Just a enhancem...
Lore Friendly Mods for Friends
Collection by: Jimmy Kudo
Most of the mods i use to enhance the basegame (doesnt include the graphical mods i use).
Tists Skyrim Collection #4 - Armors,Clothes and Weapons 1.1 [ENG]
Collection by: TiST
Skyrim = Day Z
Collection by: BroHamNCheese ♥'sKarma
These are the mods I've subscribed too. They pertain to various categories like graphics and gameplay and stuff. The aim of this collection is to add some mechanics of Day Z to Skyrim like hunger, thirst, cold exposure, better grahpics and, overall, a s...
The Party Pack
Collection by: Moonman
If You Beat The Game 5 Times Like Me And Got Very Bored Try This Party Pack It's The Best Mods In The Workshop If You Want Fun So Get The Pack And You Will Be Amazed
Claus _Lore-friendly collection
Collection by: claus.hammer
Collection by: The Valkyrie's Protector
Graphics and sound mods with game improving aspects
Collection by: Warminator
This colllection includes a large amount of mods that all run nicely with each other. This mods will be quite graphicly demanding therefore you will need a enhanced computer if you do not want to suffer FPS problems. In this collections indicated by the ...
Beste Grafik
Collection by: SRK|MeeSteR
Grafik so wie sie sein sollte.
Smithing and Enchanting mod comp
Collection by: BrettyBuddy
Lots of mods :3
Must have list (for me)
Collection by: Calomer
Mythical Horse Collection
Collection by: Konungr D'aether
i know the picture is misleading but this is a collection of mythological horses, it contains the Demonic Horse, Shadenfreude, Svaoilfari, Gallfaxi and Arion!
Hoverboy's MOD Subscriptions
Collection by: Hoverboy
MODs that I am subscribed to.
Minor Tweaks and Upgrades
Collection by: Toggles
Just a smaller collection of mods intended at minor graphical upgrades and minor gameplay tweaks.
Argonier Mods [GERMAN]
Collection by: Volxx
Ein paar mods für welche die als argonier sind aber nicht nur argonier mods vorhanden:)
A Little Bit of Everything
Collection by: Hiro Protagonist
A little bit of everything that makes my Skyrim experience fun.
Goodlooking Skyrim
Collection by: Malin
Mods improving Skyrim's graphics.
All Subscribed Items
Collection by: Artoxx
.....just a bunch of subscriptions....
Pretty Nifty
Collection by: Carl Hamilton
Just a collection of mini mods i like that work together without crashing
High level fun!
Collection by: Commie Canuck ☭
The Counts Choice
Collection by: countuebles
List of the Mods I consider either essential or so funny/original that they should be given a try
Strange's Skyrim Mods
Collection by: [Chaos]Fallen
This is just the mods I use while playing skyrim. Feel free to pick and chose which mods you like. -------------------------------------------------------------- I do not own/did not make any of the mods in this collection. So please i...
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