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Collection by Burning Heretic
This is primarily a collection of mods I wanted to share with a friend so we could both play the same "Version" of Skyrim.
My Mods
Collection by Bastard Man
my mod favorits
Collection by Willkillyou
theas are the mods i youse allways
Stuff every High-End Gamer should get first
Collection by StratusCasteros
ATTENTION! You need the Skyrim Script Extender for several of these mods! Use SKSE or else it will crash! This collection showcases what i consider the must-have graphical mods (many of them first released before the workshop). I simply cannot play wi...
x0NightHawk0x's Skyrim Mod Collection
Collection by x0NightHawk0x
The mods that I prefer to use for Skyrim
Hunting & Surviving (BASIC)
Collection by FA | Blitzelf #BaconMeister
--> Note is this is the BASIC version. This will not include all of the beautiful creations (Graphics etc) that I believe should go with this.
Skyrim Survival Package - Package 2
Collection by moiky
Extra package two of the Skyrim Survival Package. This one focuses on graphical improvements to make your Skyrim seem more natural. Please check out part 1(extra package 1) and the base package. READ!!!!!!!!!!!! A few mods may require you to play with ...
Random audiovisual tweaks by ashen
Collection by Ashen-Shugar
Retuned Vanilla Gameplay
Collection by hanakana fascination ;A;
A collection of minor mods for the purist Dovahkiin that: fix a bug or two; tweak existing mechanics for usability and practicality; adds small additions that were arguably overlooked by Bethesda; generally improve upon what is essentially a vanilla Skyri...
Andrew's Mod Collection
Collection by NOXON
This is a collection of my favourite mods.
First Setup
Collection by GrimPandahouse
my first bunch of mods that all appear to be functional together
Werwolf's Graphics Rework
Collection by ¤MonK¤ Werwolf
Graphics mods for Skyrim to look a bit better.
Collection by Studmaster
Greys collection
Collection by Greycrescent
Graphics 3.0
Collection by Thaijin
Raccolta ottimizzata delle miglior MODS grafiche, per rendere più coinvolgente viaggiare nelle terre di Skyrim.
Collection by Harley_Thor
Collection by Motherfucker Jones
Wolfsrüstung herstellbar
Collection by ReLoadedStAR
Die Wolfrüstung der Gefährten ist nun mit dem Perk Stahlschmiedekunst und den nötigen Items herstellbar.
Graphics and audio improvements
Collection by Squidallah
Just some great mods for enchanting the graphics and audio, that i wanted to share :)
My mods
Collection by a cat for me
Just a test
Collection by arjo_squirrel
just cheatin
Slick's Mods
Collection by SlickDisco
Followers Pack
Collection by Vicenzo
This collection contains the very first mods i attempted to do, thus it only contains the followers Do not expect much else
Stuff I Use
Collection by whack_attack
Skyrim Essentials
Collection by [CINDR]Lou
A solid collection of mods, great to start with and build upon.
Don't Make Lemonade!'s Skyrim Mod Collection
Collection by rag33
A collection of mods for Skyrim, compiled by Don't Make Lemonade!
Collection by skillzdatkillz
Riptide's Skyrim Mods
Collection by Rapture
This modpack includes all of the Steam Workshop mods that RiptideRapture uses in his Skyrim Let's Play on Youtube. ( Download today!
I reject your reality and substitute my own.
Collection by PatriotGrrrl
Nakia's current mod list
Collection by Nakia
These are mods that I use that work together
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