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Automated Skyrim
Collection by: niomi
Mods that automate looting and other tasks, also some msc convenient mods. None of these are intended to be cheats but some of them may may take away from game challenge, such as longer lasting blessings & longer lasting mage armor.
A* Result
Collection by: XPlazm3
My favorites
Collection by: Phantom299
Textures et Graphique
Collection by: Faf
Parce que les mods et les textures HD rendent le jeu considérablement plus beau.
Priv of Samm7
Collection by: Permanentny
The Best Armor
Collection by: 2nd Mortgage For Games
Pretty much the best Armor mods IMO. Some may need Dawnguard.
for greg
Collection by: Fade To 8 Bit
Dxella's Collection
Collection by: Dxella
Put up this for sharing with my friends, Notes: - The mod '' The Paarthurnax Dilemma '' will for some reasson cause a crash when fighting the dragon down in soul cairn, Solve this by turning the mod to NOT LOAD wile fighting the dragon down in soul...
realism run
Collection by: Behaarter_bock
a little realism run for fun
Collection by: Full-Pint
Mods to do with your Character, traits, atrebutes and other stuff.
My Subscribed Mod Collection
Collection by: Vipes
Every single mod I have subscribe to (except Headbomb's Better Sorting Mod and Skyrim Online) is listed hear for friends and strangers alike. When Skyrim Online is finished, and people are allowed to create their own servers, if you want to play on min...
Immersion, Content and Visual fun times
Collection by: pritch66
A small collection of various graphical re-touchs, additional content in the form of additional quests and craftable armors/weapons and 'survival' mods that add to the immersion on the game. All mods in this collection are, to my knowledge, lore-friendly ...
Collection by: ShadowAngel2583
Here's my favorite collection of Armors
Quests and places
Collection by: lukeh_ro
Quests and places that for me work together. Choosed for lore friendlessness, at last not contradicting.
Skyrim's best single weapons
Collection by: Dino
a useful collection of awesome weapon mods, that only contain one weapon per mod ;)
for dave
Collection by: wlcd.Jabdz
for dave!
Mousematic Skyrim
Collection by: elmouseyo
All things pretty and functional Note: This mod requires the Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE). Get it from
zRealcat's Skyrim Mod Collection
Collection by: zRealcat
These are the steam workshop available mods that I use. SkyUI requires skse -
What I use
Collection by: SPETSNAZ-774
What I use
Borelias Choose Game Enhance
Collection by: Borelias
A small list for me and my friends.
My faves
Collection by: WilliamFlattener
Some core mods that work on my pc and that have
Wolf's Graphical Modifications
Collection by: Wolfcp
A variety of modifications to improve the graphical quality of Skyrim: textures, lighting and more! Might slightly decrease performance, but the large hitters are not included.
Liste de Darkhgee
Collection by: darkhgee
Skyrim Darkhgee
Skyrim Prank Collection
Collection by: DragonAssKicker
This collection is for everyone who likes to have some fun in Skyrim. Ever wanted to see Skyrim from 10 miles up or wanted to see a guard take a arrow to the knee in slow mo then this set is for you,more will be add in time Any ideas on what m...
Collection by: XORN
очень хорошая коллекция
Xechon's Collection
Collection by: Wrell
Just a personal collection.
Armour Mods
Collection by: mehclalin
My favorite mods I use
Better Skyrim Followers
Collection by: Dan
Better Skyrim Followers This is a part of my "Better Skyrim Complete" Mod-Collection: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Changelog: ...
No Requirements Collection
Collection by: SiPHoN
A bunch of the No Requirements Mods
Andy's collection
Collection by: Rockheart
Andy's Skyrim collection
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