The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
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Skyrim's Best Mods; Sotha's Pick
Collection by Sotha Chill
This is a collection, of some of Skyrim's best mods, to date. A WORK IN PROGRESS, THIS COLLECTION IS NOT COMPLETE.
My Favorite Mods - Skyrim Edition
Collection by merTYol
List of my Favorite mods for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
MechanicalUnicorn's Skyrim mod collection
Collection by MechanicalUnicorn
Douglas' Personal Skyrim Mods Collection
Collection by RustDouglas
Collection by Leonel
skyrim stuff
My collection
Collection by Pseudoflask
in the land of skyrim
Collection by dayungdominusd
skyrim yo
Skyrim Essentfensvjduhgseop
Collection by Greaves31
Nsane Collection
Collection by nsane1972
For Skyrim
Homes, Castles, Overpowered things!
Collection by ImBakesirl
In My Collection, Homes, Castles, Overpowered things, you get a collection of things that are homes, castles, or some OP weapons. I will soon add more weapons and I only have 2 or 3 homes/castles. I may add More Followers Lite, but maybe not. I didn't mak...
Kavex's Skyrim Addons
Collection by Kavex
All the addons Kavex is subscripted too
Skyrim HD
Collection by Blackoost
Une petite compilation de Mod permettant de jouer à Skyrim en HD sans pour autant provoquer une chute énorme de FPS. Bon jeu à tous.
Collection by Kenshin
Collection by Kenshin
Collection by Parok
Toll Toll SuperToll
Xiphos Magic/Shouts
Collection by Xiphos the Great
Magic and Shouts
Buby's mods (assasin)
Collection by Xiphos the Great
Stealth mods
Collection by jihadi jesus
Sweet mods yo
Collection by King Dick #Dicksquad {Dicksquad}
Ezki check this out
Immersion Essentials
Collection by
My curated list of mods that everyone should use for a more complete Skyrim. -- Graphical improvements -- Added lore-friendly content -- Minor tweaks that add up to a better experience
Collection by rjgroh
Azrael's Base Collection
Collection by Azrael808
A collection of mods I would install before beginning to play Skyrim. Nothing too game changing, just a few tweaks that fix a few things I thought could be improved.
Collection by Xiphos the Great
armor, MISC, weapons
Better graphics mods..
Collection by Jake
A collection to improve all skyrims graphics and lighting
Collection by
My mods
Martial arts
Collection by Xiphos the Great
Martial arts mod
Skyrim Mods
Collection by frisbeeassault
Collection by death242941
skyrim mods
My Immersive Hobbit Idea
Collection by Justinian the Great
The collection of mods I chose are for my playthrough as a hobbit. I chose some creature mods and some other random mods so that skyrim would feel much more alive, and dangerous. I want this to be prety immersive so I recromend playing on expert dificulty...
Beautiful Skyrim
Collection by tiffanysamsss
Make Skyrim an even more delicious feast for the senses with these mods.
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