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jj's skyrim enhancement pack
Collection by TheJJ
mods one should have installed to make the experience more awesome without fakking up game balance.
The Imperial Weapons and Armor Cheat Mod
Collection by TheAmericanGDP
This collection changes all kinds of values for Imperial armor and weapons! LONG LIVE THE EMPIRE!
The Multi-Elemental Spells of Skyrim!
Collection by Sephiroth
The Multi-Elemental Spells of Skyrim! is a Collection of Mods Made by Myself, Enabling a Single Spell to Utilize Multiple Elemental Effects for Fun and Creativity Inspiring Spells for All Levels of Mage. These Spells Vary from those Useful in Stealth, to ...
Skyrim Upgrade
Collection by Rollout
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Sound Collection
Collection by Professional Easy Baker
A collection of mods to improve Skyrims sounds.
oren LAG
Collection by Θяєи 凸(^_^)凸
Pack HD 1 de LAG
Personal List
Collection by robi289
Dank's Essentials
Collection by Rustwood
Recommended mods (I'm kind of partial to the first one myself :) + a few not on the workshop A Quality World Map - With Roads by IcePenguin Enhanced Night Skyrim by CptJoker http://skyri...
Skyrim Gameplay + Graphics Overhaul
Collection by cr4zyjay
Edit 20/11/2014: -removed Enhanced distance terrain mod. this did very little to improve the quality of the game on my system and it added a lot of strain on my R9 270X graphics card which caused frame rate to drop below 40. -removed Interior lighting...
Essential Vanilla Mods
Collection by P3ter P4rker
This collection picks and chooses the best gameplay, character creation, and world-building overhauls, bugfixes, and additions with minimal performance impact and no SKSE requirements. All of these mods are available on vanilla Skyrim through Steam, and ...
Obtainable Outfits
Collection by Kharybdis
Mods I created to help the community obtain those outfits we wanted so badly.
Samurns 'n Co.
Collection by The Courier
This isn't anything big, It's a collection of mods I think are fascinating. These help you smith, fight, get beautiful screenshots. . . That sort of thing.
Collection by elevated
A collection of dank mods...
Maddo's Skyrim Essentials
Collection by Maddo03
A collection of mods that I think are a must have. I also recommend going to Skyrimnexus and downloading: EDWS - Enhanced Dynamic Weather System DYNAVISION - Dynamic Depth of Field http://sky...
Varkan Mod
Collection by Varkanos
Ranger/Archer/Theif/Hunter Mods
Collection by BeckyTheBandit
I always loved playing as an Archer/Ranger in Skyrim, especially along with the Theives Guild as I think their storyline is the most enticing. However I always wished there was a little more that would go with it. To make gameplay more interesting and eng...
Different start
Collection by jaime391
Just a cool different way to start the game
Collection by Gibbin On A Prayer
Zelda mods all together :) None of these are mine :P
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