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Collection by Fyuria
тест лол
[P] Jedi & Add-ons
Collection by DevynAsylum
This is a personal collection for me to play with and therefore not meant to be actively used with satifaction. There is a bug with the carriages. No other bugs or crashes have been found.
Collection by jamram
A collection of mods that I use, published on here for easy access when the inevitable happens and a reinstall of something or other is necessary. ------------------------------ Required: - HD Texture Pack - All DLCs - Skyrim script extender (dow...
Skrim helping you out in the Start
Collection by Pagom
Use this if you want it will bring fun and sorrow all at once
Austin's Recommendations
Collection by Shnippin
Thief/Assassine - Collection
Collection by Wolfsblut McLeoth
Everything for a good Thief/Assassine incl. lockpick helpers and starter-sets for all new chars. Also few "better graphic"-mods to enjoy more details of stealing and killing.
Skyrim HD
Collection by Godfather5866
Collection by Undertown
Texture HD
Collection by #4lph4~Striker#
Mon Mod Pack Skyrim pour améliorer les texture de ton jeu !
First Run
Collection by noahnotnomad
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - {Races}
Collection by Eric
Skyrim STUFF
Collection by Mega Jesus
Skyrim Things You will Also Need SKSE (Skyrim Script Extender) Here's a Link These are Lore Friendly mods and are compatable with each other
Collection by cory7770
My Fav Mods
Collection by gillmchat
These are my favorite mods from the steam workshop. I am NOT taking any credit for any of these mods. All the people who made them are very talented. Thank you to all who made these mods :)
Collection by jacobwesleymeyer
Skyrim Mod
Collection by BlackFoxs7855
Additional Items
Collection by michaeladamwelles
Personal Skyrim Mod collection
Collection by Godfather5866
Gato's Full Skyrim Mod Collection
Collection by
Dla Robina
Collection by PogromcaPL
Pozdrowienia oto modziki
Mechanic Altering Mods
Collection by Nathan
This collection includes mods that are game-mechanic-altering. Some may consider them 'cheats'. - Spend Dragon Souls to unlock perks(without gaining a new level). Sill requires leveling the skill up. After you've got all the shouts you want unlocked, w...
Making Skyrim feel 100x better!
Collection by Chump Champ
Make Skyrim a greater experience by fixing it up and improving everything that didn't even need to be improved! Might as well fight flies Ever notice derpy bandits with bows like to fire them in your face but when you loot them they have The Axe...
Harbinger mad boss creature
Collection by [SMP]S1MPLE
an impossible creature/boss called a harbinger. there are baby harbingers as well called hars, they will swarm. beware! attack of the Harbingers is among us! ever get tired of just wandering around the countryside looking for things to kill? find a dr...
Treasure Dome
Collection by Simplechoices
Things I want and you don't need
Triskaideka's Sparkling Skyrim
Collection by Triskaidekathon
Enchanted armor and weapons, spells scrolls and alchemical concoctions... Sure, its treasure, but its not TREASURE. It lacks the romance, the mystery of shining gold and silver vessels, of sparkling gemstones and heaps of jewelry, of jeweled idols, kingly...
full skull armor
Collection by Killbonjovi
Necromantic Nuisance
Collection by SkyroBlade
A set of spells, mods and other little or not so little tweaks to Skyrim that make being a necromancer all that much more hilarious. From purely cosmetic look of zombies to cost of magicka to new summons, theres oodles to play with for the fledgling lord ...
Nazi Modpack
Collection by River Furry Cat
All mods in this modpack were made by authors who support the 3rd Reich and Adolf Hitler. Please subscribe to the pack, so you can show your support the Neo-Nazi movement today! FOR GLORY MY FELLOW ARYANS!!!!
My Mods
Collection by y2kev1972
Lachaim is Love Lachaim is Live
Collection by Zer0f0x
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