The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
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Collection by: Minnesota
Skyrim mods
LordMuffin's favorite mods!
Collection by: ProXy
This collection is based around my favorite mods. Hope you will enjoy them as much as I do!
Zelda MOds
Collection by: nick.hennessy
mods from zelda
Jay's Collection
Collection by: fuzzyman83
This is for my best friend....YEA
my skyrim
Collection by: cbrace987
my favorite mods
Creation Paradise
Collection by: arkangel108
Mods that allow better item creation.
my skyrim
Collection by: cbrace987
my favorite mods
my skyrim
Collection by: booaah
Dont bother downloading. I'm not. Ha.
Skyrim Mods
Collection by: vancelindholm
Skyrim Mods
Weapon mods
Collection by: T0MMYGUNZ911
This collection is full of my weapon mods.
Collection by: Calmadro
Collection by: shinsetsu0
Collection by: WaaaghZag
A collection for a friend of mine to use.
Collection by: Arbesa
Collection by: polo95
Favorite Mods
Collection by: Lucius Romanus
These are my favorite mods that I have used in Skyrim. I would suggest these to my friends. :)
Sky Mods!
Collection by: ToxicZomboid
My fav Mods
Nur Grafik
Collection by: nataingo
Eine Zusammenstellung von Grafikmods
Collection by: Sethkasketch
I'm just making a not of all the workshop items I've had, so I know what to check when my game inevitably glitches out. Please just ignore it.
Favorite Mods
Collection by: netflix
Mods I use most often for the best in game experience
Collectable Mods
Collection by: BUTTMONKEY S-117
a collection of my collectable mods
Ferrymans Collection
Collection by: FerryMan314
Just a collection that I made, nothing special in particular actually ;)
Collection by: Lord Derpster the 5th
Best feel Skyrim Mods
Collection by: simoneternel
Those mods keep the game feel. They just increase quality or add realism to it.
necromancia skyrim
Collection by: infierno350
HD Sort of Pack
Collection by: Coldslayerz
This is my collection of HD Mods Hope you like it !!
SKYRIM: Gameplay & Wild World Enhancements (still RP, not cheated)
Collection by: Mr.Guillaume
No graphics improvements, This is oriented for a better game experience, adding amazing things without broken things. This is stable and well tested on Skyrim (at this date : 20th may 2013), I only have HeartFire, not tested with the DLC Dawnguard ...
Be Nice Lydia!!!
Collection by: KingFox
Mod I find around the Workshop to make Lydia hmmm how can I put this nicely... AH! Less of a brat.
Boss Weapons
Collection by: KingFox
Just a bunch of Weapons I find around the Workshop that I think are BOSS!!
I Love Shields!!
Collection by: KingFox
SHIELDS I FOUND WHILE LOOKING AROUND THE WORKSHOP YAY!!!!....... Sheilds... I love cool Shields... Hopefully you do to... If not... Why are you here?
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