The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
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assassins creed vs skyrim
Collection by: [wotsit] Mickyand [dk]
the collection of mods that i use in my skyrim mod lets play looking thingy here is my channel
Phaelan's Game Overhaul
Collection by: Joelmorgan1977
A personal collection of mods improving overall gameplay and appearance feel free to include or exclude any you don't like.. KNown bug with the starting mission so when starting a new game load autosave 001. And quick save regularly to avoid bugs.
Mods I Need
Collection by: LordLiam_the_X
These are the mods that I think make the game better / more fun. This was originally made for personal use, so don't complain if you're favourtie mod isn't in here :D
Cool thingies
Collection by: Shadow
Skyrim Mods
Collection by: :PiC: PenguinKiller
rovermowers skyrim graphics favourites
Collection by: Rovermower
my collection of graphics mods for skyrim ==Warning having all turned on will drop fps severly==
Skyrim Mods
Collection by: SN00PY42
Mods for Skyrim
Sarens skyrimversion
Collection by: SenfbrotMitHonig
ein paar mod die skyrim verschönern UND mit einer GeFoce GTX 660 klar kommen.
The mods I use
Collection by: opopwizard
Title says it all (I mainly made this for testing certain things)
just some mods
Collection by: bluracoon1
just some mods
Mods 1 for Skyrim
Collection by: cviv234
First Little List of Skyrim mods... I'm new at this xD
Engie's Skyrim Starter Pack
Collection by: Engie Core
A bunch of mods suitable for the new DragonBorn. Most of these mods are ones I have used myself or I think will be handy for new players. Hand-picked, all rights go to the owners. NOTE: Some of these mods are Cheats. I chose them. I like Cheat mods...
Max Graphics, No Loss
Collection by: Chad Johnson
MODs Wishlist
Collection by: Osiris Dragonia: the Ebony Mage
wishlist for Skyrim
The Conjuror
Collection by: rob07allen
A collection of Mods to make Conjurer a viable playstyle.
Collection by: Scumbag
Collection by: Olle
Skyrim Workshop
Collection by: JediMasterCoda
Collection by: Shadow
Cold and frosty.
My collection
Collection by: austin.w.ray
Just using this to save my mod collection while I am trying out another.
Dynamic Skyrim
Collection by: the_armed_mad_man
A small collection developed to make skyrim seem more dynamic, letting skyrim keep up to date with the next gen range. some mods may cause FPS lag depensing on your PC specs. PLEASE NOTE THESE MODS WERE NOT GENERATED BY ME. FULL CREDIT TO PUBLISHERS
Realistic Mods collection. Perfect mods only.
Collection by: Honken
I've for a long time collected Mods that makes Skyrim more realistic. I've picked the mods carefully and after my like. I hope you enjoy the collection, as much as I do. -Honken
skyrim tak
Collection by: hidmir
My Collection of Stuff
Collection by: UndoneRage
Leyf's Legendary Skyrim
Collection by: Leyf #bb
These are the mods I use in my RP/Legendary mode playthrough of Skyrim.
Optimized Skyrim
Collection by: Hazzer6x
This is a collection which I have taken a lot of time over - optimizing for around 6 months! Enjoy!
House Mods
Collection by: PsychoBunnyKiller
Theys stuff
Collection by: They Live
Just some of the mods I play with
S9ilent's Collection of random tidbits
Collection by: S9ilent
S9ilent's collection of random tidbits Makes it pretty Makes simplifies some aspect of the game so you can focus on more dovakin things
My Mods
Collection by: WDA_DatRageGuy
just some of the stuffI use
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