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My Skyrim
Collection by: Panda
Mods i personally use to play skyrim, mods that i think doesn't break the game for me. also these are only mods from steam workshop, i have even more mods installed from nexus. which i can't list, since there are so many of them ^^' anyways try to ...
new weapon
Collection by: SacredGamer
Collection by: Dark_Technician
My Main Collection
Lydia and Sylgia
Collection by: rhowington
Lydia was my first follower and helped me survive the game until I advanced enough to be able to take care of myself. So I have a sentimental respect for her and keep her. But her little quirks needed changed so that is what these mods are for. To each h...
Spaneika's Must Have Mods
Collection by: spaneika
Must-have mods! All are 100% compatible, and system resource friendly! Enjoy!
Skyrim Graphics and Gameplay Collection
Collection by: MWILD
These mods playing @ 1920X1080 everything maxed out 8XAA and 16XAF - will use 1600-1900MB of video memory. I put together the best graphics mods and Game play mods the workshop has to offer currently. This is a collection if you still like the vanilla gam...
Roland Collection
Collection by: RolanD
Для себя чтоб не забыть
Collection by: over9000
Mage Must Haves
Collection by: Santa Protagonist
Have you mastered the Arcane? Tamed the elements? Rose hordes of corpses? Turned a mammoth into a sweetroll? Ha, gotcha. Now you can do all these things and more with MMH.
Collection by: Shelbea
I like these things
Jay's Collection
Collection by: jayprof
Collection by: bleed
Survive the hunger, thirst, sleep, the cold. Camp anywhere. These mods are for you
Collection by: Snowcow
cheats cheats and more cheats
Skyrim my way: UI tweaks
Collection by: th3pr0ph3t
This is how I play Skyrim. I play it on Master difficulty with a gamepad, with these mods to make the interface more comfortable and the game experience challenging. Disable Fast Travel: allows me to feel the distance and forces me to explore and face ...
Twar Modification Pack
Collection by: Twar97
The Twar Modification Pack is a series of mods that I use which I use that do multiple things. It has a few house mods, armors, weapons, tweaks, sounds, and much more. Everything in the pack is lore friendly and is not overpowered. Other Mods I recomme...
Skyrim: My favorite plugin weapons.
Collection by: 最偉剣坐
Skyrim fav. plugin weapons. for starters Dwemer Rifle & magicka sabers expanded...
Automated Skyrim
Collection by: niomi
Mods that automate looting and other tasks, also some msc convenient mods. None of these are intended to be cheats but some of them may may take away from game challenge, such as longer lasting blessings & longer lasting mage armor.
A* Result
Collection by: XPlazm3
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