The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
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Skyrim basic mod set
Collection by: homlescow
set includes a selection of game improving mods. a good starting place for improving your modded skyrim experience
More Immersive Audio
Collection by: Bear It
Skyrim's vanilla audio gets repetive, boring, and is missing some elements. This collection aims to fix that by adding those missing elments and adding more variety to Skyrim. Not all songs are exactly lore friendly and some will clash with each other, so...
Gameplay Mods
Collection by: Agent Dale Cooper
These mods effect game play: AI behavior Skill Rebalances Weapon Scarcity Leveling May require SKSE and SkyUI
Visual Enhancements
Collection by: Agent Dale Cooper
These mods change the look and feel of skyrim May require SKSE and/or SkyUI
Enhanced Content
Collection by: Agent Dale Cooper
These mods add content to the game New Weapons Weapon Reskins Quests Places May require SKSE and SkyUI
Collection by: A Guy with Headphones
Collection by: java
Collection by: yaron.zilberglit
All My Mods
Collection by: Yay111
My Mods :D
havoc's shit
Collection by: everlostn69
random stuff
Collection by: Maybeskhn
Erics Skyrim
Collection by: emlandisi
Collection by: music15mylife
mods for me
Collection by: onegaming2
mods for skyrim !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Collection by: Blu°
My subscribed items that I use in play.
Gazb's Skyrim mods
Collection by: ConvictedUncleBob
For my friends.
Sleethoof's Workshop mods
Collection by: Sleethoof
For a friend to see what i have. Ignore otherwise.
Reve's Recommendation
Collection by: caswollan
My recommendation for Skyrim. Some great authors in this group.
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