The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
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G&Ks Collection
Collection by: Kerrin
Collection by: Kryosite
Skyrim - Modding
Collection by: rawrratyou
Basic Graphics Improvement
Collection by: drill_sarge
This collection provides graphical improvements to Skyrim without changing the general look and feel or any gameplay. It contains mods for improvements for better and more natural vegetation, general improvements to various locations, better water and ...
Tweaks for Slightly Improved Experience
Collection by: Nathan
Nothing major. Just a few tweaks. Better weather effects, and the ability to control weather. Better UI (requires the mod "Skyrim Script Extender"). A meter to make picking locks easier. Fast travel straight to the front door of your houses. Nothing i...
Collection by: Carnelian
Collection by: ~Torch~
Sir Gunny's Skyrim Collection
Collection by: .[tact] Combat Jack
These are some of the mods I use that don't change the game all that much, they're just visual tweaks that I think makes the game feel more like Skyrim should have felt like.
Collection by: Mystic Magica
A collection of improvements to the game. Such as graphics, female body, better horses + armor etc. I made this collection to have all improvement mods that i like together. feel free to use it. Credits to the owners/creators of these mods.
Twistedhalo5's Twisted Collection
Collection by: ÜM|Twistedhalo5
It's what I like
Collection by: RUCKUS~FUCKIS
Sarcastic Dragonborn
Collection by: Conor MacLennan
What it says on the tin. Only done the love triangle and part of First Lessons so far. Please enjoy.
Collection by: lucasdelazac
tout mode fr
Toxaris Collection
Collection by: toxaris
Just my collection, mostly graphics stuff and better RP.
My S T U F F
Collection by: Jorrall
Collection by: cd9900
The Elder Scrolls
Collection by: Marv
Collection by: CrazyPig
Makes it fun to actually walk around in Skyrim. Extremely immersive.
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