The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
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Collection by: Temujin
Ma collection de mods pour améliorer le jeu !
Better Skyrim
Collection by: SCElite
Just a collection of mods by ramdom users. I have included lots of graphics mods that cause little to no frame rate drop (at least for me). Personally, I prefer mods that only enhance gameplay/graphics, not ones that completely change or add dynamics...
Mods I Use
Collection by: lotrfanatic
These are just the mods I normally run, collected together for easy installation/uninstallation on my part.
Night Eye Improved
Collection by: nocash
A small collection of mods to improve the Night Eye ability.
First the end
Collection by: altowolf
I am trying to make a fair and balanced pack that does not enterfere with each other. for my own personal use. i do not care if you use my pack... just dont complain to me about anything.
Collection by: glasshalffull
OP Magic Mods
Collection by: Cartré the Almighty
This set of mods dramatically increases the effectiveness of magic skills, I used it (and along with some great self-enchanted items and every destruction perk) and now deal over 1300 damage with one dual-cast "icy spear," "Incinerate," or "Chain Lightnin...
Collection by: Sangrin75
J'ai fait cette collection pour mon usage personelle en reunissant les mod qui qui me semblait indispensable mais vous pouver vous y abonnée si vous voulez .
Mracmcnallys Essential Skyrim Mod
Collection by: yuposkep
A collection of mods i believe are essential to any skyrim playthrough
Pantaloons Skyrim++ V1.0
Collection by: pantaloons
This is simply a collection of the full set of Skyrim Workshop mods I'm currently using together, as of November 2012. They fall into essentially two categories: 1. Graphic / Sound enhancements: Improved textures; enhanced weather, rain, snow; thick...
the collection of old
Collection by: burnthepigs
Game tweaks and enhancements
Collection by: lukeh_ro
A collections of mod providing what the name says. It includes at top mods created by myself as this is the area I mod
alicias extrem awesome-version of skyrim...!
Collection by: Alice
This mod is sampling exemplare for more than 160 different skyrim-mods...! The most i`ve tested self, it loads a lot of new smithing weapons and armors, make houses better..., makes new cityes, new spells, new, effects, more enemys, new follages, new foll...
My Skyrim
Collection by: Gwathdring
This is for my own convenience, so I can load these if I need to reinstall skyrim.
audio and graphics enhancements
Collection by: Doc
just a collection of audio and graphic enhancements
Mysticake's Mods he Uses
Collection by: Mysticake
Collection by: Tilbro|ᄫ
make dragons in skyrim do more fun
Collection by: ShadowAngel2583
Here's my favorite collection of Dragons
performance friendly mods
Collection by: SinisterFerret
collection of mods i made for a friend here are some mods that can be played on regular or low end computers
The Best Armor
Collection by: Keep Cole... Thxs
Pretty much the best Armor mods IMO. Some may need Dawnguard.
for greg
Collection by: Fade To 8 Bit
Dxella's Collection
Collection by: Dxella
Put up this for sharing with my friends, Notes: - The mod '' The Paarthurnax Dilemma '' will for some reasson cause a crash when fighting the dragon down in soul cairn, Solve this by turning the mod to NOT LOAD wile fighting the dragon down in soul...
realism run
Collection by: Dumbledora the explorer
a little realism run for fun
Collection by: chillman
Mods to do with your Character, traits, atrebutes and other stuff.
My Subscribed Mod Collection
Collection by: Vipes
Every single mod I have subscribe to (except Headbomb's Better Sorting Mod and Skyrim Online) is listed hear for friends and strangers alike. When Skyrim Online is finished, and people are allowed to create their own servers, if you want to play on min...
Immersion, Content and Visual fun times
Collection by: pritch66
A small collection of various graphical re-touchs, additional content in the form of additional quests and craftable armors/weapons and 'survival' mods that add to the immersion on the game. All mods in this collection are, to my knowledge, lore-friendly ...
Collection by: ShadowAngel2583
Here's my favorite collection of Armors
Quests and places
Collection by: lukeh_ro
Quests and places that for me work together. Choosed for lore friendlessness, at last not contradicting.
Skyrim's best single weapons
Collection by: Dino
a useful collection of awesome weapon mods, that only contain one weapon per mod ;)
for dave
Collection by: wlcd.Jabdz
for dave!
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