The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
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mage's run
Collection by: Dumbledora the explorer
A little collection i have made to assemble all the mage's related mod that I use
Collection by: POPPA NUT
Collection by: Splinter
Survival Realism
Collection by: skringas
A collection of mods that add a realism and survival element to skyrim.
Collection by: millert80
Just a list of the mods that i like to use on an everyday basis...Now i know some are outright cheats,but,what can i say,they're COOL! :) Hope you enjoy.
Adamu's Skyrim Collection
Collection by: Jeremy Clarkson
Me gusta....
Yenma91 Dragon
Collection by: yenma91
Gameplay mod collection
Collection by: ElPolloLoco
Rekindling Skyrim
Collection by: -=[DoD]=- Corb (crapnet)
A collection of well made (if not somewhat unfair) mods that completely change the core gameplay of skyrim into something more fun, a tad bit lighthearted, and otherwise a treat. (REQUIRES HEARTHFIRE)
My Little Mod Pack
Collection by: ThePillowFluffer
The Improved Skyrim Redux PT 1 (Scenic)
Collection by: hennesy130
Just a collection of graphical improvements I want in my Ultimate Skyrim!!!! I want to thank everyone who made these amazing mods and improving my experience!!!!
Collection by: LoneProvo
Made for me :D
Collection by: Crimson Angel
This is all the mods that I enjoy using the most. :) Thanks go to the original makers of the mods held within. Don't modify anything held within without first speaking to the original author. Thank you and enjoy!
Better skyrim part 2
Collection by: kariu17
a set of funny and important mods for the game, not all is lore friendly, intended for friends and family of mine.
For you ollie
Collection by: YZ117
JtPv's Realism Collection
Collection by: MrJtPv
This is a collection of mods that try to improve your skyrim experience by adding realism to the game. Hope you enjoy! :D P.S. It may just destroy your game if you don'thave the best computer. Don't blame me for CTDs and Corruption of saved games. And wo...
für nico (texture fix)
Collection by: Sir Dave of the River Rhine
krfsm collection
Collection by: el greso
jättebra grejor.
Collection by: Bonk
Me Gusta Mods
Collection by: Cat Stache
Muh Mods!
Noeru's Ultimate Smithing Guide
Collection by: Dovahkiina
This is a collection of all my favorite subscribed weapon, smithing, and armor mods. This is just a compiliation, I am not claiming ownership over ANY of the mods listed here. These mods are what I use all the time, everytime I play skryim. If you really ...
Seb Armor
Collection by: Sebster
The best ever kind of Armor !
Baknik's Extra Content Collection
Collection by: Baknik
My favorite extra content mods.
Grey's Quick Picks
Collection by: Grey Acumen
For private use.
Vittkid's Collection
Collection by: Vittkydge
The Game Now Is 50% Better
Imp's MOD-est Skyrim Collection (See what I did there)
Collection by: Han
Collection of the mods I use to upgrade graphics and gameplay, without shitting all over your processor.
Noel's Ultimate Collection
Collection by: trollTHERAPIST
About 80 or so addons from the top 300 rated that will make the game look prettier, more user-friendly, general fixes (like followers won't set off traps), new weapons, new killmoves, better models/textures, new spells, new questlines, graphics/lighting t...
Casual Dedication
Collection by: Polygon Don
lords of the ring
Collection by: [MOG]Kindred374
Fun in Middle earth
Baknik's Audio Improvements Collection
Collection by: Baknik
A collection of some of the best audio improvement mods I've found.
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