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Skyrim thus far
Collection by treearms
Just my stuff
Collection by Woodsy
just a collection of the mods I use to make it easier for me to sort them out
The Katan Collection
Collection by Katantunoro
I like this stuff, and I want to show my friends this stuff.
Collection by Elmo99
SKYRIM: Gameplay & Wild World Enhancements (still RP, not cheated)
Collection by Mr.Guillaume
No graphics improvements, This is oriented for a better game experience, adding amazing things without broken things. This is stable and well tested on Skyrim (at this date : 20th may 2013), I only have HeartFire, not tested with the DLC Dawnguard ...
Be Nice Lydia!!!
Collection by TheSirKingFox
Mod I find around the Workshop to make Lydia hmmm how can I put this nicely... AH! Less of a brat.
Boss Weapons
Collection by TheSirKingFox
Just a bunch of Weapons I find around the Workshop that I think are BOSS!!
I Love Shields!!
Collection by TheSirKingFox
SHIELDS I FOUND WHILE LOOKING AROUND THE WORKSHOP YAY!!!!....... Sheilds... I love cool Shields... Hopefully you do to... If not... Why are you here?
Boss Quests
Collection by TheSirKingFox
Quests...It's pretty obvious right?
Cool Armor!
Collection by TheSirKingFox
Cool Armor I find around the Workshop and yada yada yada you get the drill.
my collection
Collection by Mihaixo
made so my firends can easily subscribe to what i am subscribed
My Skyrim mods 2013
Collection by Rudolf PoopMajster
This is my collection of my favorite skyrim mods on the steam workshop
rockwellgump's mods
Collection by rockwellgump
All my shit
Collection by Ravage
Collection by Faydalol
must haves
Collection by buddycop
This collection is a representation of characters that would make this game more interesting when you want to take a break and just play with optional content.
Pjam Collection
Collection by WarLocK
Avoid these mods
Collection by jade_druid
Mods that aren't quite up to standards. I have personally tried these out and had problems with them. Don't have to take my word for it though.
Coleccion de Jairo
Collection by Zolok
Es la coleccion de mods que he ido encontrando mientras juego
Skyrim mods
Collection by Gerby
Mods de skyrim
Skyrim Awesome
Collection by RasmusN3XT
Makes the game alot more fun :)
gburnaman's private collection [4/12/13]
Collection by gburnie
This pack is just shit I started collecting on 4/12/13, because seeing tons of neat stuff in the Workshop while I don't have the game installed is disheartening. [This collection is not cohesive in any way, and it's meant to be private for when I've reins...
Collection by sxeJ 13
skyrim mods
Collection by Woodman®
Anthony's Mod Set-up
Collection by anthonypogue85
lordavondales picks
Collection by Substancer
Improves skyrim and graphics in what i think it should be like.
Collection by ein.edwards117
Collection by Nkulunkulu
my wat
My Mods to keep recorded
Collection by Onyx
This collection is for me to keep track of my mods installed. I made none of these so feel free to look up the individual mods.
Skyrim mods
Collection by 「Nightのdead」
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