The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
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Nates Starter Kit (No Conflictions)
Collection by: Sythonate
Random assortment of mods that made my gameplay experience better. ~for Jack because I couldn't be assed linking them all
Darkus's Collection
Collection by: DarkusAssassin
A collection of all of my favorite mods to use while playing skyrim! (some require dawnguard, dragonborn, and or heartfire)
Skyrim Mods for Cyr
Collection by: Cyradis314
To organize the mods I have subscribed, or am considering.
Legendry Skyrim Final
Collection by: Ransom Seraph
Dovahkiin Ulitmate Collection!
Collection by: Post Apocalypto
With these mods, you will experience overwhelming changes!
Collection by: UnKn0wN
Collection by: Micromidas
Collection by: nethyyahell
Collection by: Bahnez
Aedra Stuff
Collection by: NotLegalTender
Tired of daedric items? Well here are some aedric items. (Currently working on getting permission for a drawing on deviantart to use here, picture is a placeholder)
Pretty Awesome collection of mods
Collection by: DeNoh
This is a collection.
Skyrim Character/Questlines
Collection by: yukirusenake
Edits character features, and adds new or extended questlines.
Collection by: Tiefseekaninchen
Collection by: Awesome
meine modliste
Collection by: Wild-Play | AgOnY
Collection by: Mecha-Bebes
Lots and lots of trains
Essential Skyrim Mods on Steam
Collection by: kevwallace365
All of these mods work together and are essential for anyone wanting to optimize their Skyrim experience on PC. They require CBBE v3 body from the nexus as well as Apachii Sky Hair.
random mods i downloaded
Collection by: swankysandals
Graphics Improvement
Collection by: Ploppin Dew
A bunch of mods that enhance your graphics and gameplay! :) Enjoy. (WARNING: YOU NEED SKSE FOR SKYUI TO WORK PROPERLY)
Favorite Mods
Collection by: Evistro
Skyrim mods
Collection by: penamesolen
for modder til skyrim
Current mods
Collection by: Gre( G_G )les!
my mods
Collection by: kaj.jez
Collection by: kaj.jez
Skyrim So Pretty
Collection by: DireMuffin
I like Skyrim, and I have a pretty powerful machine - so I pulled out all the stops to make the game as pretty and immersive as possible.
The Good King's Skyrim Experience
Collection by: {GKG} The Good King
These are the mods i enjoy using for skyrim! Most of the mods i use add more end game content, make the game harder or better in ways, make the world of skyrim more dynamic and i try to keep from adding mods that allow you to easily exploit the game. Thi...
Collection by: martin.antione
Collection by: Dark Chronos
awesome mods that improve the game but doesnt change it (warning most spell mods are op)
skyrim 1.
Collection by: fiktor
mody do skyrima
Collection by: Unbornzacharyzw
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